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What is TantraRebirth ?

TantraRebirth is a powerful system of self-mastery, a model of self-development in which you become the conscious co-creator of your life of personal freedom, self-actualization, and true happiness. This system begins with Breathwork as its core, and incorporates potent and very effective methods from Rebirthing, Tantra, Yoga, and movement practices, energy work, therapy and awareness training into a personalized journey of transformation designed to unleash your full potential.

Chandra has 9 years of personal and daily practice of breath work, yoga, meditation, tantra, movements of the sacred feminine and rituals.
Now she brings her life experience in all these into sharing.
She is gifted with a high level of intuition, a huge capacity of empathy that holds transformative space for others. She attended 900 hours of yoga, meditation and tantra practice, a Mystical Dance Teacher Training program with Agama Yoga School, where she was offered a style of Yoga that combines authentic wisdom from India and Tibet with a Western mindset, giving her the rare opportunity to practice forgotten and sacred teachings.
Chandra is the creatrix of the TantraRebitrth system with which she offers healing sessions, workshops, trainings as well as practices for embodying the energy of the divine feminine.
Participants in the TantraRebirth can expect a lot of paybacks, which include greater enthusiasm for living and expansion, more love for life, finding new meaning in life, better relationships within their families, and better intimate relationships.

2017 Training dates

Rebirthing Fundamentals Workshop 4-8. December

Rebirthing Practitioner Training 11-22. December

What TantraRebirth students have to say about their experiences

I do yoga and my daily meditation. I Iearned psychology and tried many therapies but with all my knowledge and practice I still had problems in the last years asserting myself in the professional life. All my creativity, my ideas and projects stuck on the realization. However, I was lucky: in the first rebirthing session I remembered such things that happened when I was born. I remembered those feelings and emotions, and just realized that they lived very deep inside of me. They are determining my actions and the way how I am thinking about myself. Later, when I recognized them I understood that I need to change my way of thinking. And I started to change... and the life started to change, too!

Bernadett, HU
My meeting with Chandra and TantraRebirth has been really an incredible experience! It allowed me to relive the separation with my biological parents and feel in my cells the love they had for me to overcome the syndrome of abandonment I suffered until now ... It 'is a considerable change in my present life and I leave confident in my future life!

Jade, FR
The sessions I spent with Chandra were so profound, she tailors the session entirely to your needs. I broke through some huge barriers and difficulties I was holding on to, and Chandra encouraged me to really use my creativity to re-wire my brain and my heart. I know now, exactly why I was resistant to it in the first place. It is challenging, there is nowhere to hide, but why would you want to? Life is so much more beautiful if you let yourself be seen.

Suzy, UK
For me this work has truly been the greatest gift! It has been so powerful that I feel a heavy veil of illusion, through which I have perceived my life so far, has been lifted. I have been able to release emotional pain and patterns that I have lived with for so long I thought they were me! It has been a deep and profound joy to discover that these pains are actually great spiritual gifts, allowing me great insight into my life and the purpose of it.

Ruth, UK

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