A Journey Towards the Self

2.5-Day Mini Workshop in Ireland

June 02 - 04, 2018

Join us on this weekend of exploration of potent tools and nurturing community, where you can relax from daily stress, let go of the overload of responsibilities.

 Enjoy the benefits of simple yet power tools to gain balance, physical health.

 Learn how to integrate these tools into your daily routine for dealing easier with challenges of life.

This 2.5-day long program will be a transformational retreat!

Transformation means that we let go of anything that is less than our already perfect, radiant, loving, and lovable nature – and in so doing we become our best, most authentic version of ourselves. We are already our best version – better to say we embody our best version – but it is covered up through social conditioning and childhood adaptations to stress, dysfunction, and trauma. Usually what we have to let go of are certain limiting beliefs based on past experiences, the emotions attached to those experiences, and the patterns (thoughts plus emotions) we have subsequently etched into the physical body as well and hold onto at a deep cellular level. 

Tools we will use:

  •  breathwork
  •  traditional tantric fire ceremony
  •  playfull exercises for deepen connection
  •  conscious communication, active listening


JUNE 02 - 04, 2018

Regular Price
£ 285

Workshop Schedule:

June 02 (evening) – INTRODUCTION
June 03-04 – FULL DAYS
*The fee only contains the course fee. no accommodation, no food.
*Fee is per person and 4.5% transaction fee does not included within the price.

Yoga Loft Buncrana, Ireland


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