Module 4 - Rebirthing Practitioner

฿ 13.000 | $ 390

Those who have completed the Fundamentals, Intensive Training and Advanced Practices are eligible to join this Rebirthing Practitioner  Program. The central topic of this week in “Integrated Self-Practice”. Participants of this program will have a solid understanding of Rebirthing, Breathwork and Healing, and will be able to continue their own healing process by applying the provided tools.

5-days Program

Days: Monday – Friday

Daily Schedule: 9-12pm | 3.30-6.30pm  

Total Commitment: 30 hours


Regular Price: Thai baht 13.000


Note: The fee only contains the course fee. no accommodation, no food. Also 5% transaction fee does not included within the price. Ask for our bank details to save this fee on paypal.

This training is centered around the holistic universal wish for love and fullfillment. At the end of it all, only love matters and the love we have for ourselves is equal to the love we can offer others. Throughout life, the quality of our relationships will sum up the quality of our lives and the generosity of our love.

This training highlights deepened practitioner training for integrated self-practice.

The central topic of this program to reach a level of integration of the Rebirthing, Breathwork and Tantric practices and exercises have completed since Modul 1.

Participants will have a strong understanding of these transformational tools, and will be able to continue with their own healing processes.

Dry and water rebirthing sessions, tantric fire ceremonies and rituals are the core techniques of these 5 days. 

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Participants continue to experience the power of water rebirthing sessions and traditional tantric fire practices.

This 5-day intensive program includes:

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  • Water-based Rebirthing sessions for personal transformation
  • Special coaching for deepened personal practice
  • Theory on Rebirthing psychology
  • Traditional tantric fire ceremony 
  • Breathwork  sessions

Practitioners emerging from this Training will be confident in:

  • Applying Breathwork for personal use
  • Confident in practicing Rebirthing elements
  • Creating a safe container for transformation  
  • Will be able to continue their own healing journey
  • Able to guide themselves through breathwork sessions 

The Practitioner training prepares participants to have the centeredness, awareness and a strong presence. The program help to grow further in love, emphathy and free expression.
Participants will have a firm understanding and experience in self-rebirthing.

Participants can expect the following Benefits:

  • Personal and professional integrity
  • An experience of unity, unison, and expansion
  • Profound personal growth
  • Clearer intuition
  • Living up to one’s own potentiality
  • Spiritual experiences, elevated states of consciousness, kundalini activation, and out-of-body experiences
  • The opening up or emergence of channeling capacities
  • Expanding and stabilizing a healing practice

Participants of this Training will be able to continue their own journey, using the tools and techniques given for healing and transformation. The Program will lay a strong foundation for continuing with the Professional Program for certified Breathwork facilitation.

Koh Phangan Thailand


Accommodation and catering are NOT included in the Thailand Programs. However, we are glad to assist you in finding a place in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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