"Module 1 - The Art of Deconditioning Workshop in London"

This Workshop is a pre-requisite of any other TantraRebirth Modules

This intensive program is a lead into your Rebirthing Practitioner Module

In total 30 hours Workshop activities

The central theme of the program is to re-awaken from patterns of social, cultural, environmental conditionings, explore and re-connect to ourselves as loving, sensitive, unique individual.

Mental patterns are often connected to some of our strong beliefs, which could be called as core beliefs. Beliefs are simple thoughts, which were learned throughout our upbringing, and were empowered through repetitive thinking.

As part of our self-development journey – it is essential to look within and acknowledge our thoughts, feelings as part of the foundation of our current lifestyle.

To be able to create any different, any change in our life first we need to understand ourselves from a different prospective, to see where any change shall take place.

Through various exercises, tantric rituals and ceremonies, and with the support of a Breathwork we enter into a field of trans-state, where we are shown our suppressed thoughts and emotions, the root cause of those, and with this acknowledgment of them, we have the choice to work through them, transform them. 

Transformation means that we let go of anything that is less than our already perfect, radiant, loving, and lovable nature – and in so doing we become our best, most authentic version of ourselves.

In other words this program does help us to fully embody our best version.

MODULE 1 - The Art of Deconditioning
(Rebirthing Fundamentals)

Participants will Learn

  • The basics of Rebirthing as a system and the different elements of Rebirthing
  • A solid understanding of Rebirthing breathwork
  • First experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness through breathwork
  • First experiences of receiving a breathwork session within a group under the guidance of the facilitator (Chandra)
  • First experiences of holding space for someone else within the group during a breathwork session under the guidance of the teacher
  • An understanding of the nature of the mind, beliefs generally, and our core limiting beliefs
  • How to directly access our core beliefs
  • How to transform thoughts/ beliefs
  • Secrets for mastering the mind and the skillful use of affirmations in practice
  • Practices for spiritual purification, including the first practices with fire.

Participants can expect the following Benefits:

  • More awareness of one’s own thoughts
  • More understanding of interpersonal dynamics
  • Getting in touch with the Witness within
  • De-stress, unblock emotional energy, reversed negative patterns
  • Rejuvenation and better physical health
  • Greater empathy with others and more compassion with oneself
  • Acquiring tools to take home for continuing transformation

AUGUST 24 - 27, 2018


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£ 340

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£ 320

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JULY 05, 2018

Workshop Schedule:

August 24, Friday :  
Opening Ceremony, Introduction & first Breathwork Session
August 25Saturday: 
Understanding our core beliefs – Childhood adaptation to environment –  Breathwork
August 26Sunday: 
Our specific and limiting core belief & Ways to unlock it – Breathwork
August 27Monday:  
Download your own Truth & replace the core belief with it – Creating the lasting change – Breathwork & Closure
Note:  The fee only contains the course fee. no accommodation, no food.

Iffley Road W6 Hammersmith, London


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