Breathing is the essential part of our life.

Right from the day, we take birth till we leave the Earth, each one of us breathes to live. Without breath, our existence is nil. We are aware that life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing but, what we fail to realize is our emotions and consciousness are interconnected with breathing.

Our breath is controlled by our thoughts. The way in which we breathe is affected by how we feel. The state of emotions like the rapid pant of excitement, or short sobs, or the deep groans of frustration are a few examples of breath patterns affected by emotions. The positive thoughts mean calm breath and the negative thoughts mean restless, rapid or fast breath.

If the emotions can change the pattern of breath, the conscious change of breathing pattern can also control or change emotions, and it perfectly makes sense. Isn’t it? Unconscious breathing patterns can lead to overpowering of energy flow and emotions. Thus, it is wise to be conscious of the breath and how it impacts all areas of the body, mind, and soul.

Our breathing should be full and free, not stuck or blocked, or locked into any set pattern. It should be alive, responsive, changing, fluid, flowing. In other words, we need to cultivate the habit of tuning into our breathing—observing it, paying attention to it. We need to do this at different times, during different activities— in order to learn how breathing effects and how is it affected by physical activities as well as our emotional and psychological states.

Our breath is like an anchor that supports and helps us to control it and become conscious of the various facets of energy and emotions within the body. Our breathing system is the only system which is voluntary and involuntary that is, it can be changed at our will.

The breath is a bridge to consciously release the negative energies from our body and mind. By breathing consciously, we can become aware and experience the functioning of the mystical consciousness. The breathing has an important role in creating a physical and emotional well being. Through conscious breathing, we can get to know ourselves, our different goals in life and we can also improve our health.

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