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Bellow you can read the details of my latest offering Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator offering.


Who this is for:


If you already apply Rebirthing Breathwork in your offerings, you may have found:


There can be many reasons for this. Personally, what I discovered in the past 3 years through my coaching studies is that beliefs and emotions related to deservingness & worthiness and to the experience of love itself as well as attachment and abandonment issues can sabotage real change.

These topics need special attention. Breathwork alone may not be enough for most of these issues. 

Luckily, there are methodologies that can create the laser focus needed to transform these ailments. When they are combined with breathwork, the outcome is truly amazing. 


If you’re not not serving your dream clients yet, it may not be because you don’t feel deserving or worthy of this work. It may be because you don’t feel ready or don’t know where to start. Therefore, learning these tools could be the right next step for your personal transformation.


About the tools I will be sharing with you:


Program structure:


 Personal benefits: 


How this will support you in serving others:


Practical details:


The program starts from the 1st week of October.

Calls are planed to be hosted on weekdays, between Monday and Friday.

The exact days & timing will be decided upon participants availability.


We already have our first few graduates who have confirmed their participation! Send me an email if you wish to join too!