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Imagine there was a tool that could transform anything you struggle with, into certainty, contentment, a sense of calm and self-confidence.

Imagine there was a tool that could turn your life around fast, producing a fundamental and lasting change.

This tool is Tantric Rebirthing Breathwork.

What is Tantric Rebirthing Breathwork?

TRB is based on the authentic Rebirthing Breathwork that emphasizes on emotional, mental and spiritual healing by implementing self-reflection, self analysis and connected breath. 

We found that certain practices and elements of the tantric tradition greatly supports the alignment of the practitioner with their ultimate Truth. 

By the integration of the powerful tools of Rebirthing and tantra, Tantric Rebirthing Breathwork was born.

Rebirthing Breatwork is one of a kind Breathwork available in recent times that originated from Leonard Orr, the great pioneer of modern Breathwork movement. It is not too much to say that all the modern breathwork practices grew out from his teachings. 

The ITRB follows His traditional teaching, as this is what we found to be the most powerful and transformative. 

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My commitment to your growth

My name is Chandra. I have dedicated more than a decade to learning, teaching and personal experience to create high level personal development programs.

I guarantee to you, that all of my programs are unique and potent in bringing about lasting transformation and not only will change your life….

Moreover, you will also experience living your life from a place of inner calm, clarity and love more often. You will feel like tapping into a place within yourself that you had been searching for; a place to just Be, relax and flow. 

Join this 5-week long unique program to experience your life as beauty and perfection. Unlock your full power and potential to live an epic life based upon love, harmony and clarity.

What can this program bring into your life?

The teachings are therapeutic, mystical, simple and at the same time spiritual. It is based upon the understanding of the necessity of healing the past, and establish regular practices to live a happy, fulfilling and satisfying life.

The tools we apply are scientifically proven, and highly effective; it is proved throughout our past trainings. We include:

What do you receive during this 5-week long program

Sessions, live calls and Q&A sessions are hosted by Chandra.​

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Frequently asked questions

The program is suitable for anyone with or without a breathwork experience. 

The guided breathwork sessions are structured in such a way, that anyone can join it, enjoy it and get the most out of it. 

Your home practice is supported by videos, audios and written information. Our closed, FB group is there for you to stay connected and reach out if needed in between live calls.

You do start right here with this Workshop!

Art of Deconditioning, Stage 1. is the first building block of the Facilitator program.

The Art of Deconditioning, Stage 1. workshop is a personal development journey. 

You will learn how to apply the course techniques on yourself to be able to continue with your development.

Leading group sessions isn’t part of the curriculum.

You will learn how to apply the tools on yourself for further development.

In order to be able to give high quality, 1-on-1 rebirthing breathwork sessions you are welcome to join the Facilitator program.

You can start right here, at the Stage 1. workshop. 

This is the foundational course of every other ITRB program.

The objective of this Program isn’t specialised on “inner child” healing. 

However, as Rebirthing Breathwork is quite unique in the sense, that you “get from it what you need”, it is possible that your journey will touch upon the “Inner child”.

Our Stage 2. program is focused on the “Inner Child”.

You could join the program from Stage 2. and join Stage 1. at a later time.

In order to participate in Stage 3. you will need the completion both of Stage 1. and 2. 

We apply the technique of Rebirthing Breathwork.

Holotropic breathwork isn’t part of our practices.

Potentially, already after Stage 1. you can practice breathwork on your own.

Completion of Stage 1. and 2. will give you a greater understanding of Breathwork, and therefore give you more confidence to apply it on your own.

Stage 1. is a 5-week long course.

The weekly live calls are 2 hours long.

We invite you to invest about 30 minutes home practice, 3-4 times a week.

All sessions and calls are hosted by Chandra, via zoom. 

Zoom is a free application, can be downloaded to any of your devices from

What is Rebirthing?

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