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Are you feeling the call to serve your community as a Breathwork Facilitator?

Are you inspired to take part in the evolution of Humanity?

Or are you already in service and interested in expanding your horizons? 

If any of this resonates, You are in the right place ! 

Grow personally and become a guide for others in shifting their consciousness

Revolutionise your life… and learn to support others to do the same

Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Program

Breathwork is increasingly acknowledged for its transformational power, emotional healing capacities and spiritual benefits. 

This is no surprise, as Breathwork is one of the most potent techniques available for personal growth.  

The Rebirthing Breathwork system is a powerful self-healing modality that anyone can practice, integrating uniquely effective tools into a stuctured approach. 

To ensure maximum benefit and empowerment for You, all of the programs are presented live – personally taught and guided by Chandra.

Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training, Graduation

This is an integrated program of breathwork, self inquiry, spiritual psychology, tantric elements, traditional fire ceremonies, mantra yoga, 

This will  qualify you to facilitate 1-to-1 Rebirthing Breathwork healing sessions and:

  • increase your self awaraness
  • support your emotional healing
  • activate the process of mental deconditioning
  • motivate heart connection, empathy and intuition
  • connect you with your life purpose

Who am I and why am I qualified to guide you?

Breathwork Trainer Chandra Polyak
  • My name is Chandra. I trained directly with Leonard Orr,  Founder and Father of Rebirthing Breathwork.  
  • I have also learned from and worked with Sondra Ray, the Mother of Rebirthing.  
  • It was I who brought Rebirthing to the Koh Phangan conscious community in 2011, training practitioners and facilitators from around the world. Consequently, the technique became one of the most popular approaches on the island.
  • Throughout the 8 years that I lived in the community, spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, tantra and breathwork were my lifestyle rather than a hobby.
  • I have been initiated into traditional Indian tantra lineages (including tantric sexuality, sacred fire ceremonies and mantra yoga) through exceptional teachers and masters such as  Rajkumar Baswar. 
  • In creating the TantraRebirth system, I have integrated all of this deep knowledge and learning. TantraRebirth is a unique approach to self development, using breathwork, emotional healing, tantric practices, meditation, mantra yoga, ceremonies and rituals. 

As this is a tried and tested method, I can confidently promise You...
It works !

 You will feel empowered and ready to facilitate 1-to-1 healing sessions.

You will experience  deep healing and transformation in your own life, while training to hold space for the healing of others.

You may choose to continue working with me, which will prepare you for hosting group sessions and workshops.  

You will be part of the international TantraRebirth community, whose participants are thriving through this inspiring work.

Your journey - step by step

The Art of Deconditioning Rebirthing Fundamentals

First stage:
Available in London
and Thailand
3.5-5 days Workshop: 30 hrs

Embracing the Inner Child

Second stage:
Available in Sweden
and Thailand
10 days Retreat: 60 hrs

The Path of Abundance Rebirthing Advanced Practices

Third stage:
Available in Sweden
and Thailand
10 days Retreat: 85+ hrs

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Fourth stage:
Available in London
9 days Retreat: 60+ hrs

This program is for You, if:

  • you are seeking to become a facilitator of self development for others
  • you are ready to experience  deep, transformational self  inquiry
  • you are dedicated to changing your life, and supporting others to do the same for themselves
  • you are a teacher of another healing modality looking to expand your skills
  • you are a facilitator/instructor of a self development tool such as yoga, meditation, nutrition or coaching and would like to broaden your service to your clients
  • you are a professional working in a corporate role who is inspired to help others 

Where can you experience this work without a long term commitment?

Rebirthing Breathwork Circle, London

Group Breathwork taster options: 


1-on-1 Breathwork options:

Your total commitment to become a Facilitator:

29 days, 250+hours over 5 months 
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