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Breathwork Facilitator Training

This training is centered around the topic of holistic health, learning to appriciate the wisdom of our own bodies and the guidance of our intuition. The participants emerging from this training will be  ready to guide a profound healing processes of others. Participation in this program will qualify individuals to hold one-on-one healing sessions.

Breathwork Facilitator Training

9-days Retreat

Days : Friday afternoon – Saturday noon

London, private house

Total Commitment : 85+ hours


MODULE 1, 2 and 3 are pre-requisites for the participation of this program.

Regular Price : £ 1190.-

The fee  contains the course fee & accommodation.

Deposit : £ 300.- to secure your spot

The nr. of participants is limited to : 8



Note:  5% transaction fee does not included within the price. Ask for our bank details to save this fee on paypal.

Coaches and individuals specializing in other types of healing modalities are welcome to pursue this training as a profound supplemental offering. Rebirthing is a potent system which may add depth or efficiency to their practices on both the individual and professional levels.

While you may not be certain what will be most in focus for you until we begin the training, it is necessary that participants have set a clear intention to facilitate this process for others, in some way, in the future. This is mentioned now to give insight into both the type of commitment I offer to those participating in this program as well as the attitude I expect – one of integrity, sincerity, and dedication.

In order to benefit the most from the Rebirthing modality, the breathwork sessions are conducted on an individual basis (one-on-one sessions). Group Rebirthing sessions are NOT part of the Rebirthing modality, and as such it is not considered proper to work with that approach.

Group Rebirthing Sessions London

The Program offers to learn about:

Breathwork Facilitator Training London
  • The methodology and a practicum training for Rebirthing Breathwork facilitation,
  • Guidelines of a high-quality Rebirthing Breathwork ,
  • The role of a Rebirther and ethical codes on Rebirthing,
  • How to hold space for others during individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions,
  • Rebirthing coaching vs. coaching during sessions,
  • How to successfully facilitate process for others.

Practicum sessions are an essential part of this program. Participants will be given the opportunity to tap into their Rebirthing abilities while guiding individuals from the community through a transformation process, supervised by the teacher.

Participation in this training does not automatically grant a certification as a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator. The certificate will be given to those who are prepared and ready to provide a quality healing space. One’s maturity and stability will be evaluated, as well as other factors that imply a harmonious integration of the study and practice of Rebirthing. Therefore, following both the previous Moduls and the Facilitator program, final certification will be extended at the sole discretion of the course leader.   

Participants who are deemed not yet prepared to become facilitators will have additional opportunities to attain certification following more training, proper integration of the information and techniques, mentorship and apprenticing opportunities, and practical experience that also proves one’s seriousness and fitness for accreditation.

Participants might experience the following benefits:

Breathwork Facilitator Training London
The Art of Deconditioning Workshop in Switzerland
  • The opening up or emergence of channeling capacities,
  • Clearer intuition,
  • Having the knowledge to build a clientele and cultivate a compelling connection with clients,
  • How to successfully facilitate process for others,
  • Determination and strong goal-setting abilities,
  • Manifesting a premium level of efficiency in your life and practice,
  • Understanding how to establish a Rebirthing career,
  • Ability to provide high-quality Rebirthing Breathwork sessions,
  • Ability to provide excellent Rebirthing coaching,
  • Expanding and stabilizing a healing practice.

Practicum sessions are an essential part of this program. Participants will be given the opportunity to tap into their healing abilities while guiding individuals through a transformational process, supervised by the teacher.

The Facilitator Training prepares participants to have the capacity to hold space and facilitate individual healing sessions that focus on accessing our authentic human nature.

Chandra Polyak with Yoshi Baloila

This 9-day intensive program includes:

  • Practicum sessions, supervised by Chandra
  • Daily Rebirthing sessions to continue self transformation 
  • Theory and practice on providing high quality sessions
  • Traditional fire practices for self purification
  • Special coaching for deepened practice
  • Daily sharing circle


Address will be disclosed upon booking

Accomodation for 9 nights (Friday-Saturday) is part of this Program.

Payment OptionS

Direct bank transfer to our UK account 

Account : 09 76 70 41 / Sort code : 23 69 72 / Andrea Polyak


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Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance and yoga teacher. As an intuitive medium, healer, coach and facilitator of courses on self-development, inner child healing and traditional tantric arts, Chandra empowers people to expand into their unique potential, greater love and purpose.

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