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Hello, I am excited to see you here!

 Your visit on this page indicates that you are interested in making a step forward in your life.  A BIG step!

 Are you are tired of your current situation?…

Perhaps you are dealing with confusion, anxiety or depression.  

Maybe you have relationship difficulties or you just sense that there should be something more to life. 

 This journey will help you solve these issues!

 It is easier than you think to reach a state of clarity, calm and joyfulness. 

Fulfilling relationships are available to everyone , including yourself.

With a little effort you can find greater purpose in your life.

Rebirthing Breathwork - Inner Mastery Program

Imagine there was a  tool that could tansform anything you struggle with into certanty, contentment, a sense of calm, love, self-confidente.

Imagine there was a tool that could turn your life around fast, producing a lasting change.

This tool is Rebirthing Breathwork. 

Rebirthing Breathwork Training

Rebirthing Breathwork  is one of the most a potent tools for personal development. It is a self healing modality, it is simple, it is easy – veryone can do it regardless of age, gender and physical condition.

This Program can help you to move beyond fear, contraction, guilt, shame and spontaneously become joyous about life and its fullness!

It is easier than you think to make this transition from a fear based existance into a joy based one.  

It just takes a bit of dedication and effort  – and considering the life changing benefits – your investment is little.

Being happy, at ease, playful and full of wonder is your birthright!


Who am I and why am I qualified to guide You?

  • My name is Chandra, I am an emotional intuitive breathwork trainer, tantra yoga teacher and practitioner
  • I have trained with the Masters of Rebirthing Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray
  • Helped clients to heal symptoms of epilepsy, migrane, depression
  • Contributed to heal sexual trauma,  emotional and mental abuse, neglect, abandonment
  • Empowered many to align with their life purpose and step forward in doing it
  • Since 2011 I have been runing workshops on self development, in Thailand, India, Europe, China 
  • Successfuly tought and initiated many into Rebirthing, taking them into the level of  facilitation
  • I have been initiated into the sacrets of traditional tantra by some of the biggest teachers  

As this is a tested method, I can confidently promise...
it is Worth it!

You will experience a deep transformation and healing in your life.

You will feel emotionally balanced, mentally calm and clear and generally rejuvenated. 

Your journey - step by step

The Art of Deconditioning Rebirthing Fundamentals

First stage:
Available in London
3,5 -5 days: 30 hrs

Embracing the Inner Child

Second stage:
Available in Sweden
and Thailand
10 days: 60 hrs

The Path of Abundance Rebirthing Advanced Practices

Third stage :
Available in Sweden
and Thailand
10 day: 85+ hrs

Where can you experience this work without a long term commitment ?

Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training, London

Group Breathwork taster options: 

1-on-1 Breathwork options:

Who is this Program for

  • anyone interested in self development, interested in healing and transformation
  • committed to growth, and  ready to make the change in their lifes stragling with confusion, anger, depression
  • tired of their current situation or suffering from confusion, anger, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth
  • lives or works in a toxic environment

Your total commitment, timetable:

20 days, 175 hours over 4 months. You can take the program stage by stage till its end, and you can pose at any stage you like, 
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