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Module 2 - Inner Child / Breathwork Intensive

Breathwork Intensive is the Second Module of the TantraRebirth system. The Participants emerging from this training will be confident, knowledgeable, self-trusting, vibrant, more whole, and ready to guide his or her own deep healing process and ongoing self-balancing.

Embracing the Inner Child

10-days Training

Daily schedule : 9-12 pm & 3-6 pm

Total Commitment : 60+ hours ( leads into the Facilitator Training )


Training dates: 11-15. & 18-22. January

16&17. January are off for integration and relaxation

Regular Price:  £ 900,-

            (When fully paid until 20.December 2019)

Early Bird Price:  £ 850,-

(When paid after 21.December 2019) 


Note:  The fee only contains the course fee. no accommodation, no food, but we are more than happy to support you on finding a suitable accomodation !

We were all once Children.

That Child is still dwelling within us.

The lack of consciousness relatedness to our own Inner Child is where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties steam from.

The child within us refers to that part of each of us which is:

  • ultimately alive and energetic,
  •  creative,
  •  fulfilled.

The qualities of this aspect of us are innocence, wonder, joy, sensitivity, playfulness.

But this very same aspect, the Inner Child holds our accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears, anger as well.

We, as Grown ups are convinced that we have successfully outgrown and left this Child behind. 

Unfortunately this is not the case.  Most of us are still Children in an adult body.

And the pain and fear, anger and resentment of our inner children do sabotage our grown up relationships, block out the way to connect in deep intimacy, procrastinate our deepest desires for fullfiment, soul growth, success… Just to name a few.

During this Program we will reconnect to each important area of our childhood developmental stages, learn to listen and give the qualities, love and attention to that child within. By doing so we will heal, integrate and free up suppressed emotions, blockages… And open up our Adult Self for Life and Love.

Participants might experience:

TantraRebirth Inner Alchemy and Rebirthing Sessions
  • Healing family trauma,

  • Transformation through self-enquiry, deconditioning,

  • Aligning with a deeper self-awareness,

  • Developing emotional intelligence, 

  • Cultivation of empathy, 

  • Acknowledging and healing family/cultural patterns,

  • Deconditioning from childhood,

  • Healing the “Mother Wound”, healing the “Father Wound”.

The first part of the Breathwork Intensive is dedicated to heal traumas around birth, conception, abandonment issues related to primal caretakers, creating healthy body image.The central topic the Program is "The Inner Child".

Embracing the Inner Child Sweden
Rebirthing Practitioner Training, India
  • How to reach deeper levels of transformation through a breathwork-induced trance states
  • De-traumatizing oneself from birth-related ordeals, shock, or distress
  • An understanding of the interconnection of the birth process and self-image, as well as how to rewrite the blueprint of our birth
  • How our birth experience leads to our core limiting beliefs
  • The impact of our birth experience on our entire life
  • The impact of our birth experience within our intimate relationships
  • Preparation for conscious birth and parenting (if this will be in focus for some participants)
  • The importance of the quality of our birth
  • An understanding of our limiting beliefs/ thoughts based on our birth process
  • Natural birth vs. modern/ institutionalized birth as imprints on the psyche
  • How to use Rebirthing Breathworkboth in theory and in practice for oneself

The days will be consecrated to  theory and practice on the “Inner Child”. Breathwork sessions are held on each day.                    Theory sessions will address the topics listed above.

Participants might experience the following benefits:

Rebirthing Healing Training India
TantraRebirth Practitioner Training Sessions
  • More love for life
  • Greater enthusiasm for living and expansion
  • Finding new meaning in life
  • Better relationships within your family
  • Better intimate relationships
  • Healing and transformation of birth trauma (if any was present)
  • Healing the results of complicated birth experiences (premature, overdue, caesarians, etc.)
  • Overcoming apathy, depression, and self-destructive tendencies

The second 5 days of the Rebirthing Intensive are dedicated to Inner child healing. Starting at age 0, until around puberty. Father wound, school trauma, self worth, self confidence, free self expression.

Participants will Learn:

Four Elements Retreat for Emotional Balance, Rishikesh India
Four Elements Rebirthing Retreat Rishikesh
  • The psychological development of a child stage-by-stage
  • The necessary tasks, abilities, and virtues one must acquire before entering the next stage of childhood, and the flip side of those missing qualities
  • Practices that assist the integration of those missing pieces
  • Cultivating a state of forgiveness for previous hurts or abuses suffered at the hands of significant adults
  • Further development when forgiveness frees up our life force

The days will be consecrated to theory and practice, and to breathwork covering the psycho-psychological stages of childhood from ages 0 until age 14. Four full sessions of “dry” Rebirthing breathwork  are included. Theory sessions will address the topics listed above.

What the Program might brings about for you:

Breathwork Intensive for Healing Trauma Sweden
Breathwork Intensive Retreat London
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Developing a positive self-image
  • Improved balance, peace, love for oneself, and love for others
  • Tools to transform anger, resentment, and hatred
  • Finding one’s life purpose
  • Greater empathy for oneself and others
  • Acceptance, forgiveness for relatives and significant adults, and generally better relationships
  • Increased patience
  • Renewed creativity and enthusiasm
  • How to use Rebirthing both in theory and in practice for oneself

This 10-day course includes:

  • 8 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions in total
  • Weekly fire practices
  • Special coaching for deepened practice

Koh Phangan Thailand


Accommodation and catering are NOT included in the Thailand Programs. However, we are glad to assist you in finding a place in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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