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Upcoming Events 2019

Janaury 7 – 11 The Art of DeconditioningThailandWorkshop
Janaury 14 – 25Embracing the Inner ChildThailandWorkshop
March 23Monthly Breathwork GatheringsLondonWorkshop
April 5New Moon manifestation ceremonyLondonWorkshop
April 13Monthly Breathwork GatheringsLondonWorkshop
April 14Intro into Female Tantric SexualityLondonWorkshop
April 17Breathwork-CircleLondonWorkshop
May 1Breathwork-CircleLondonWorkshop
 May 2 – 5 The Art of DeconditioningLondonWorkshop
May 10Intro into Female Tantric SexualityLondonWorkshop
May 30, June 10, June 12, June 26Breathwork-CircleLondonWorkshop
June 23Intro into Female Tantric SexualityLondonWorkshop
July 11 – 14 The Art of DeconditioningLondonWorkshop
August 2 – 11The path of AbundanceSwedenWorkshop
August 2 – 11Embracing the Inner ChildSwedenWorkshop