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Breathwork Trainer Chandra Polyak

UK: +44 757 590 2565

Thailand: +66 633067993​


Personal: polyak.andrea

Business: TantraRebirth

Many TantraRebirth participants have called our offerings as for Workshops, Trainings and Breathwork one of the most powerful experiences of their lives. Customized programs are available for events and festivals, workshops, corporate events and more.

To learn more about how to bring the power of these tools to your life or to an event or organization. Please send us a message.



TantraRebirth is not a medical practice or a substitute for medical of psychological diagnosis or treatment. Although there are no known contra indications to doing this work, it is strongly advised that anyone with concerns of a medical nature should consult their regular practitioner.

TantraRebirth facilities the tools for spiritual and personal growth through self healing and not as medical or psychotherapeutic advice.

I observe the Ethical Standards for Breathworkers of the Rebirthing Breathwork International.

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