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I offer private sessions

on emotional healing, mental deconditioning, trauma release, tantric treatments for sexual freedom and personalised coaching sessions on love and relationships.

I would like to support You

on your journey towards freedom of authentic expression, intimacy, love, sexuality. In the private sessions we go very deep into your personal transformational process, which takes a lot of trust – however it is absolutely worth it!

Sessions I offer:

Breathwork, Mental & emotional healing, Sessions for healing the inner child, Tantra for women, Coaching on Sex,Love&Relationships for both genders.

Some of the offerings are available via skype as well. Contact me to find out more about the conditions!

Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful and uniquely effective tool of transformation.

It is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that anyone can practice.

Healing breathwork for trauma release

Imagine, that a simple tool, such as a guided Breathwork can transform insecurity, feelings and thoughts of unworthiness, into security and self-confidente within! This practice can help you to move beyond fear, contraction, shame and spontaneously become joyous about life and its fullness!

Rebirthing Breathwork is a technique that involves a connected breathing rythm.

Through this guided practice you can tap into the natural healing system of your body. You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transform blockages into bliss and natural flow.

You will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using Breathwork, allowing for any trapped emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to be expressed or cleared away from the body – leaving you feeling empowered, alive, cleared from stored up emotional and mental patterns. You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transform blockages into bliss and natural flow.

Properties and benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork:

  • potent and safe healing modality;
  • gives access to your authentic self and inner wisdom;
  • a way to deepen the connection to creativity, joy, willpower;
  • has the capacity to transform trapped emotions into acceptance, forgiveness, love;
  • clearing mental patterns at their root cause;
  • Initiate the body healing mechanism;
  • activate the wisdom of your own body for healing, transformation;
  • release stress, trauma;
  • remove emotional blocks;
  • discover and transform limiting beliefs.

    Length of a session:  2 hours / £110,-

Mental and emotional healing

Imagine, there are ways to transform insecurity, feelings and thoughts of unworthiness!

Imagine, that you can expend beyond outgrown conditioning and reconnect to yourself insecurity and self-confidence!

Breathwork for mental deconditioning

Through this guided session you experience and learn to let go of the controll of the conscious mind – transform through the understanding of yourself from a higher prospecitve. The healing occurs through the direct experience of the Self, through acceptance you come into a greater alignment with YourSelf.

 Feelings and thoughts of unworthiness, insecurity, lack of self-confident, anxiety, self-sabotage, depression, lack of enthusiasm – just to name a few, are rooted in some fundamental experiences; experiences where we felt hurt, abandoned, not acknowledged or heard, neglected or let down. Previous experiences constitute those from various areas of our lives: birth, childhood, school, relationships with parents and other significant adults, intimate relationships, even past lives.

Since the different areas are connected and interconnected, the impactof those beliefs can be detected in all of these areas.

Properties and benefits of the healing session:

  • Enchanced self-confidence
  • Greater love for oneself, and for others
  • Inner balance, peace, calmness
  • Transformation of anger, resentment, hatred, sadness, depression into acceptance, love
  • Greater empathy for oneself and others
  • Increased patience
  • Renewed creativity and enthusiasm

    Length of a session: 2 hours / 120 £

Healing Inner Child

Childhood is the foundation stone upon which stands the whole life structure. The seed sown in childhood blossoms into the tree of life. the education which is imparted in childhood is more important than the education which is received in colleges and universities.

Swami Rama

see with your heart-min

The child within us refers to that part of each of us which is:

  • ultimately alive and full of wonder,
  • energetic, creative,
  • fulfilled,playful, joyful, sensitive.

A healing session can support you:

  • breaking repetitive patterns of any kind (working environment, family, intimate relationships)
  • dealing with anger, frustration anxiety
  • breaking out of feelings of depression, sadness
  • being able to meet you loved ones with a greater sense of emphaty, understanding, love, fulfillment.

But this very same aspect, the inner child holds our accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears, anger as well.
We, as grown ups are convinced that we have successfully outgrown and left this child behind. Unfortunately this is not the case.
The pain and fear, anger and resentment of our inner children do sabotage our grown up relationships, block out the way to connect in deep intimacy, procrastinate our deepest desires for fullfiment, soul growth, success.

Properties and benefits of the healing session:

  • self-confidence, willpower,
  • acceptance, forgiveness for relatives and significant adults,
  • nurturing connection and relationships
  • aliveness, inner peace, stability, security within oneself
  • enchanced creativity, passion.


    Length of a session: 2 hours / 120 £

Tantric de-armoring massage for Women (incl. Yoni/Genitals)

Sacred touch

Tantric de-armoring massage can be a blissful, ecstatic, empowering experience. The massage is held within a sacred container created by the giver. The receiver able to release long-held tension from the body through conscious, intentional loving and carrying touch. It can help to heal wounds of different kinds, such as physical abuse, sexual mistreatment, stress due overworking, over-performing.

During the massage we address the complex and interrelated structure of the physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies of the receiver. Feelings, thoughts and memories of guilt, shame, anger, disappointment, abandonment, frustration, fear can be transformed into acceptance, love, forgiveness.

Properties and benefits of the healing session:

  • awakening of the senses

  • aliveness in the body

  • opening for deeper intimacy

  • calming, healing, uplifting
  • learning to set up boundaries

    Length 3 hours / 210 pounds

Coaching on Sex, Love & Relationships (both genders)

Tantric Dearmoring Massage

I am glad to be your guide as a Sex, Love & Relationship coach, and I am here to support you on your path! 

The heart of this coaching approach is to experience THRIVING in your life! Thriving, both professionally and personally; thriving in you business, in your love life, in intimacy and in romance. You might think that your business has nothing to do with your love life, or vica versa. However, thriving in love fuels not only your relationships, but as well your health and wealth! 

Giving yourself permission to thrive in intimacy and romance, is key factor in transformation! This attitude creates freedom to love, freedom to feel, freedom to express yourself – freedom to be who you are in every areas in your life! 

The tools I use during the coaching sessions are a combination of tantric wisdom and scientifically validated methods for transformation. 

It is powerfully effective, and can change yor life for the better – actually in a short period of time! 

This is for anyone, who wants to:

  • experience deep and real love;  
  • shift their life’s to a different level (private or professional or both); 
  • “feel”; energy, freedom, enthusiasm, expansion, ecstasy and more;
  • “un-stuck” themselves (feel stuck in one way or another)
  • gain clarity and focus (how, what and when to do to create the desired success) break out of patterns
  • break out of patterns
  • Depends of topics,goals & package agreements. Get in touch to book a Discovery Call (free of charge)!

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