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Welcome to my online events page!

Hello, my name is Chandra and I will be your guide on this journey!

I invite you to join the free events I am currently hosting to experience the power of working with me.

Below you will find an up-to-date listing of all upcoming events, and more about me and the work I do.  

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Rebirthing Breathwork

Free event

Sensual Body Awakening
03. October
8.30-10.30 am (UK)

Free event

Who am I & What do I do?

I’m a tantric yogini, practicing tantra yoga for over a decade.My favourite pracitec are rituals, group processes.

I have lived in a tantric yoga community for about 10 years in Asia. My days were filled with spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, participating & leading workshops.

I have been working as a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator since 2011,

In the past years I extended my field of services with mentoring both men and women on topics of sexuality, conscious relating, tantric relationships.


Whom is this for

  • Interested in emotional, trauma healing,
  • Feels stuck in their lifes,
  • Would like to move away from repetitive patterns,
  • Interested in spiritual evolution.


  • Transformation of trapped emotions,
  • Clearing out stress, fear, anxiety,
  • Discover and transform limiting beliefs,
  • A sense of calm, relaxation, peace.


  • Eat only light food prior,
  • Rest well, sleep well, avoid coffein on the day,
  • Prepare a mat, pillow and blanket to lay down,
  • Notepad and pen for journaling.


  • Rest afterwards,
  • Journal, meditate, relax,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Allow time for self-reflection.

What previous participants say about their experience

  • I had my very first rebirthing session with Chandra in Thailand 2016. Before that, I tried many different healing and spiritual methods, but this one blew my mind. This day changed my life. Chandra is a great teacher and guide. I felt always safe, protected and guided. Until now, I had more than 20 sessions with her and I am always amazed by her way of rebirthing me - always guiding me deeper and deeper and helping me to unlock my unlimited power. I feel very connected to her due to her gift of always asking the right questions and touching me in the right moment. I am very thankful for this experience and her trust in me. I would always recommend her as a facilitator/teacher/healer.
- Katharina, 2017
  • I am writing this testimonial sometime after the Rebirthing sessions with Chandra. I can thankfully say that both the deeply-held trauma and negative thoughts/energy I had struggled with prior have not returned It is very refreshing to no longer struggle with issues and patterns that had previously made life difficult since childhood.

    Chandra is highly experienced, intuitive and learned in facilitating these sessions - hence her dedication and focus in sharing this powerful method with others all over the world.

    Rebirthing has the potential to clear all kinds of problems, regardless of how long they have plagued a person, by utilising the inate intelligence of the body and energy system to self-clear.

- Bryan, 2017
  • I do yoga and my daily meditation. I Iearned psychology and tried many therapies but with all my knowledge and practice I still had problems in the last years asserting myself in the professional life. All my creativity, my ideas and projects stuck on the realization. However, I was lucky: in the first rebirthing session I remembered such things that happened when I was born. I remembered those feelings and emotions, and just realized that they lived very deep inside of me. They are determining my actions and the way how I am thinking about myself. Later, when I recognized them I understood that I need to change my way of thinking. And I started to change... and the life started to change, too!
    - Bernadett, HU, 2015
    • When one has been given a direct gift from the Divine and spends his or her life sharing that gift with others, the rewards and benefits of that gift are themselves Divine.  This is the case with Chandra and her Rebirthing Classes.  Though I knew nothing about Rebirthing when I first met Chandra, she has a special way of teaching this powerful meditation that from even the first class I participated in, I was taken to a deeper understanding of the Self and reaped the Divine benefits from it.  It was truly a blessing to have met Chandra who is such a beautiful person and teacher and to be able to partake in her dharma during my time in Rishikesh, India.
    - Amber, 2015