Get clear on what You want from 2020-HU

Get clear on what You want from 2020!

Did you know that less than 25% of people stick to their new year’s resolution?

Apparently, the other 75 % drops out after 30 days, and continues with previous routines instead of pursuing their dreams.

Resolutions are usually too broad and vague.

Therefore, do not hold enough motivation to keep you going until accomplished.

According to my personal experience, it is much better to envision what you want.

When you see yourself having what you want as your reality, and allow yourself to drop into it, you can feel what that living experience would bring into your life. In other words, you can experience the feeling by being in that reality.

This process of envisioning or feeling the vision can activate a greater motivation in your body — a motive, which is big and strong enough to keep you going until you achieve it.

Because the feeling is what you want and not the actual event.

The event is like a tool to  experience those feeling, enriching your life through that reality. By creating that reality you can pull in those feelings into your being!


I invite you to participate in a NEW YEAR’s Intention setting and clearing ritual!

As we join as group of people, we can utilise the unified energy to charge our individual intentions.

Let’s come together, and use the excitement at the start of the new year for uplifting each other!

As the year progresses, we can come together again to support each other and help one another to keep the focus.

Are you in?  It is worth it!