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This Workshop specially designed for woman to learn different ways to experience pleasure in their bodies!


Path into Bliss

Saturday, 14. April 2019

9.30 am – 6 pm approx.

incl. 1 hour lunch break

9.30 am – 6 pm approx.

Contribution :  GBP 79,-

Facilitator : Chandra

The group is limited to  10  participants!

9.30 am – 6 pm approx.

Contribution :  GBP 79,-

Facilitator : Chandra

The group is limited to  10  participants!

9.30 am – 6 pm approx.

Contribution :  GBP 79,-

Facilitator : Chandra

The group is limited to  10  participants!

Sexual energy is the primordial life force that moves through us and that can give us access to infinity.
Sexuality goes way beyond the definition around our sexual organs.
By reconnecting to your sexuality, you reclaim your power.

Every woman shall receive information, knowledge and initiation about sacred sexuality, the mysteries of the female body and pleasure!

The main topic and focus of this Workshop is to share both a tantric and a scientific point of view of women’s sexuality, including theoretical and practical information about pelvic floor health, conscious sexuality, body awareness.

This Workshop is tailored to initiate you to feel comfortable with yourself; will help you to appriciate your body, and support you in the experience of reconnecting to your sexuality as a woman – and to take yourself into blissful experiences!

When you can allow yourself to feel pleasure of any kind (not only sexual one), to be open without guilt and shame – you can create a new blueprint around pleasure and positive experiences in life within yourself, and you can take this blueprient into your relationships, and also into other areas – into every area – in your life.

Evolving Through Tantra Workshop

You are welcome to join us at any stage, at any age of your life. You are welcome to join as you are, single or in partnership! You start where you are at, regards pleasure !

Ladies in Red

We offer an integrated combination of theory and exercises based on:

  • conscious sexuality,
  • sensuality,
  • sexual power,
  • embodiment practices,
  • sacred approach to health.
  • feminine radiant power.

This Workshop will provide both the information and the tools to reconnect, reclaim, own and embody your:

Feminine Radiant Power Tantric Workshop for Women
  • unique sexual expression,
  • authentic sensuality,
  • sexual power,  
  • feminine beauty,
  • orgasmic capacity,
  • playfullness,
  • your innocence approach to life.


Women Massage treatment for Self Confidence

Possible benefits:

  • feeling empowered,
  • greater self-confident,
  • alive, juicy, feminine, attractive,
  • being comfortable in your own skin,
  • being confident in setting up your boundaries,
  • being better in communicating your needs.
Tantric Sexuality Workshop for Women

Every woman can experience orgasms, both internal and external. Through knowledge and practice we can empower ourselves to become multi-orgasmic.

We will talk about the different types of orgasms and locate the pleasure spots in the body.

I will guide you through the process, and share with you my knowledge and experience based on being a tantric practitioner, an emotional healer and a tao-tantric bodyworker.

SW16 London

Address will be disclosed upon booking


GBP 79,-

Max. 10 participants in this Workshop!

Payment Option

Direct bank transfer – no processing fee

Account : Andrea Polyak
Sort code : 23 69 72
Account : 09 76 70 41
We accept payments in GBP only

0757 690 2565

1-on-1 Breathwork, coaching and tao-tantric bodywork sessions can be booked with Chandra as well!

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Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance and yoga teacher. As an intuitive medium, healer, coach and facilitator of courses on self-development, inner child healing and traditional tantric arts, Chandra empowers people to expand into their unique potential, greater love and purpose.

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