Liberation - Level 1 & 2


  • Free yourself from conditioning!
  • Tap into your Inner Source of confidence and love!  
  • Learn to magnetize your desires and live a life of magnificence!

LEVEL 1 INTENSIVE (2 weekends)

15-17. & 22-24.October

Did you know that everything you're experiencing right now – the good, the bad, the ugly - are all manifestations of your conscious and unconscious will?
And did you know that the LIFE you DESIRE is actually POSSIBLE!

There are tools to transform anything you are struggling with
into certainty, contentment, calm, self-love and


Liberation is for You if....

You can feel whole, be happy and live a fulfilled life. The KEY is to break the chain of conditioning.

We are born whole, complete, loving and joyous,  with an amazing source of power.

And then, slowly, bit by bit, over the years, we lose it.

We listen to the stories of our parents, school, media and society.

And we forget our own Soul’s desire and purpose. 

We forget what makes US happy and fulfilled.

We end up struggling with not following our heart and inner knowing, with messy relationships and unfulfilling jobs… 

But there is an INNER SOURCE, an inner well that holds all the answers you seek.

 EVERYONE has access to this source. It is entirely YOURS.

And I can teach you how to access it. 

So, if you desire to…

With the practices of Rebirthing Breathwork,Tantra, Meditation and
Self inquiry you can move towards joy, happiness, and personal power.

Level 1 Intensive: 2 weekends, 15-17. & 24-26.October
Fri 6.30-9pm/Sat 8.30-11am/Sun 8.30-11am

Tantric Breathwork

I want you to know that:

Shifts you will experience during Liberation:

Level 2 program is a solid preparation for healthy relationships.

Liberation Level 2 Curriculum:







Both Level 1 & 2 are here to support you to lay down a firm foundation for a fulfilling life.

Level 1 Intensive

Level 2

Rebirthing Breathwork

Some of the powerful tools you will learn:

About me

I was born in Hungary and started my career as a business woman.

I’ve lived in Asia for a decade learning and practicing yoga, tantra and breathwork. 

I’m passionate about ‘trans’ states which is why I’ve learned so extensively about breathwork, meditation and traditional tantra. 

I have been in service to others since 2010 with Rebirthing Breathwork, yoga, emotional healing and mental repatterning on topics related to healthy relating, loving relationships and conscious sexuality.

I’ve led workshops around the world (Thailand, India, UK, China, Australia) and I also work 1-on-1 with my VIP clients.


What others say about working together:

If this is your medicine, you are most welcome to
join us!
Next Level 1 Intensive is from 15.10.2021

EUR 290.-

Next Course from 15.10.2021

EUR 1960.-

Next Course from 15.10.2021

EUR 660.-



Absolutely, safe! We walk step by step, starting from the basics initiation into healing, rebirthing breathwork, meditation, visualisation.

I offer a program for those who wish to learn Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitation. Please visit the Facilitator Landing page to see the upcoming dates.

You start right here! This program is designed for those who would like to improve their lifes>

Liberation Level 2 is greatly about healing the ‘inner child’.

You can join the Program from Level 2, as it is a complete program on its own. However, you gain the most out of this work, by joining Level 1 & 2 at once.

No, it doesnt. We practice Rebirthing Breathwork, and a few other embodiment type of breathwork tools.

Yes, after completing both Levels you will be able to practice breathwork on your own.

Level 1 is a 5 weeks long, Level 2 is a 12 weeks long program.

The “homework” is not really work at all…it is actually pleasurable! It will be about 2-3 hours per week to complete the homework/practices.  You also have the option to do the practices at your own pace as you have access to the practices, live calls and pdf documents via the website portal

We meet weekly 2 times via Zoom.

Each live call will be recorded. 


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