Hello, I'm Chandra!

My greatest passion is supporting each and every one of my clients to discover their authentic power and create the fulfilling, loving, and passionate life experiences they most desire. 

I am a Rebirthing Breathwork Specialist and a Relationship, Sexuality & Empowerment coach on a mission to bring freedom and healing to both men and women.

Are you desiring my undivided attention
to work on a specific challenge that isn’t covered in my group offerings?

Would you prefer the privacy of a 1-on-1 container instead of being in a group?

Or do you simply want to give yourself the gift of being a VIP client, because you can and you know you deserve it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, my mentoring service could be a right fit for you.

Mentoring service vs. 3 sessions coaching package

MENTORING is a 12-week conscious container to support you to grow into the partner, lover and leader you have always wanted to be.

  • Mentoring includes 12 online coaching sessions to move you towards your desires. Each session is 90 minutes and tailored specifically to your needs. You will also receive the recording. 
  • Sessions include a blend of emotional and mental awareness processes, embodiment practices (with Tao and tantric elements), trauma healing, self-reflection, breathwork, meditation, visualisation and reprogramming unhealthy patterns.
  • I also offer email and WhatsApp support in between sessions to help you integrate the experience.
  • Audio and video home practices to support you to deepen and embody your transformation.
  • Cost of the Mentoring is EUR 2500.


  • Each session is 90 min long; hosted online, without extra support between sessions; 
  • Package price: EUR 270.
  • Potential topics: anything from the realm of [email protected], intimacy, relationships, love, purpose, empowerment.



  • 90 minutes; online, recorded with written summary
  • Single session price: EUR 105.
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The main ingredients to not only dream about the meaningful life and fulfilling relationships, but actively creating it are:

  • Knowing yourself (worth, values, needs);
  • Trust (yourself, your skills, intuition, others, life);
  • Believing in yourself (deservingness, worthiness);
  • Healthy boundaries (to feel safe and to protect yourself and others);
  • Being effective in communication;
  • Having the capacity to empathetically listen to others, and not taking the input personally;
  • Owning your power and utilising it to elevate and uplift others around you;
  • Knowing your purpose and pursuing it.

What can I help you with:

  • Shifting the pattern of finding yourself in toxic relationships repeatedly.
  • Ending the cycle of being ‘single forever’ and creating the space within to meet someone.
  • Becoming orgasmic, or even multi orgasmic!
  • Learning to take control of your sexual energy.
  • Stepping into the powerful leader, parent and partner you’re ready to become.
  • Embodying the magnetic, sexy and radiant woman you are.

The benefits of working with me:

  • The skills you learn will support you to not only become a conscious partner and lover but also a better friend, family memeber and leader.
  • The integration of these tools will help you to meet your ideal partner (if you’re single) or enrich your current relationship. 
  •      Finding the balance between giving and receiving and taking care of yourself and others.
  •      This inner knowing will also guide you to align with your life purpose.
  • Feeling alive and enjoying being in your body.
  • Being able to handle any conflicts that arise.

What clients experience as a result of our work together:

  • Feeling at peace.
  • Finding clarity.
  • Being able to focus. 
  • Setting strong boundaries.
  • Breaking off unhealthy relationships.
  • Increasing productivity and efficiencly in their professional life.
  • Cultivating healthy relationships.
  • Enjoying life much more.

Does it sound like what you desire in your life?
Than book your program or a Discovery Call!

EUR 2500.-

November 5-7.

EUR 270.-

November 5-7.