Modul 4

After completing the stages of personal development Modules 1-3 successfully, participants are eligible to apply for participation in the Facilitator Training.

Holistic health is the central topic of this training. You learn to appreciate the wisdom of your bodies and the guidance of your intuition. Some of the topics covered in this training are:

The participants emerging from this Module will be confident, knowledgeable, self-trusting, vibrant, more complete, and ready to guide his or her in-depth healing process and ongoing self-balancing, as well as the profound healing processes of others. The Module is designed to learn to hold confidently a container for 1-on-1 rebirthing breathwork sessions. The participants continue with their inner work on topics of abundance, money matrix, self-care as a facilitator.

Tools introduced and practiced:


Available Schedules

1-9. November, 2019, London

Dates for 2020 to be announced