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Welcome to our monthly Community meetings!
The purpose of the monthly meetings is to unite Rebirthers, Breathworkers and Conscious Breathers, spreading and improving the quality of Breathwork on the Planet.


Monthly Breathwork Gathering

Saturday, 23 March 2019

9.30 am – 3 pm approx.

incl. 1 hour lunch break


23 March, 2019

9.30 am – 3 pm approx.

Contribution :  GBP 20,-

Group Leader : Chandra

The group is limited to  10  participants!

Secure your spot asap!

Saturday, 13 April 2019

9.30 am – 3 pm approx.

incl. 1 hour lunch break


Contribution: GBP 20,-

Group leader: Chandra

This gathering is limited to 10 participants.

Secure your spot asap!

In the monthly Gathering, you and your fellow participants meet with one or more Breathwork trainers.During each meeting, you review the past month (relating it to your earlier life) and receive support, including guidance from the trainers.

This focused self-inquiry helps you to experience ‘AHA’! moments; to see the different events in your life from a higher perspective. And by doing so, life starts to make more sense.

Finding yourself in a state of surrender, you acknowledge yourself as The Being in the Center of your creation…as Being The Center of Your Life Experience.

Before long, you begin to see new solutions to even the most difficult of problems.

The Breathwork trainers and fellow breathers support you in overcoming the major issues that keep us all unconscious and stuck in our patterns.  


Monthly Gathering of Rebirthing Trainers

Coming to the Gatherings with an open mind and an open heart can result in massively positive and lasting changes!

Monthly Gathering of Rebirthers, Breathworkers

Possible experiences:

  • Feeling empowered,
  • Reconnecting to your inner knowing,
  • Building thought and behaviour patterns that are more helpful,
  • Improving your physical and emotional health,
  • Upgrading relationships.


Breathwork for Physical and Emotional Health
Reconnect to your inner knowing with Rebirthing

A sacred space is held, to connect to one another verbally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Monthly Gatherings with Breathwork Trainers

The structure of the day:

  • Seminar for mental, emotional,spiritual growth,
  • Guided self exploration sessions,
  • Transformational Rebirthing Breathwork, facilitating you to explore your inner world through, conscious connected breath and learn about your true self,
  • Sharing circle, to support the integration of your experience.

E14 London

Address will be disclosed upon booking


GBP 20 / meeting

Payment Option

Direct bank transfer – no processing fee

Account : Andrea Polyak
Sort code : 23 69 72
Account : 09 76 70 41
We accept payments in GBP only

Contact details for further info and booking:

0757 690 2565

1-on-1 Rebirthing Breathwork and Coaching sessions can be booked as well!

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Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance and yoga teacher. As an intuitive medium, healer, coach and facilitator of courses on self-development, inner child healing and traditional tantric arts, Chandra empowers people to expand into their unique potential, greater love and purpose.

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