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To Teach is to Learn
….To Teach is To Learn…..
November 22, 2016
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December 2, 2016

New Moon is approaching

New Moon Ritual

The energy of the New Moon is a symbolic portal for new beginnings. It is a magical time, when one can recharge goals, or set new ones.

New Moon times are special, as a time to enfold into your real Self, the timeless one. It is time to remember who you are, and get guidance on the road ahead.

In the chaotic and temporal world, looking to something larger that is also part of yourself can fill you with awe and make you feel connected.

It is a good idea to spend some time reflecting in the days leading up to the new Moon.

Knowing exactly what you want is the first and essential step in the process of drawing it into your life. Make sure you are clear about your intentions.

It can be a quality you would like to cultivate, a specific condition, event, project, new place you wish to manifest.  What matters is that you are committing yourself to your vision, and open to receive guidance and support from higher frequencies.

At the New Moon, goals and wishes take root, as you reach out for spiritual wisdom and guidance.

There is power in coming up with visions for your life, and keeping them in your sights as they come into being. Certain practices, such as rituals can be used to symbolically welcome changes in your life. Rituals are a way to mark turning points in your life, they help to focus your entire being on your intention.


How to prepare for a New Moon ritual:

  • you can gather pictures, totems that symbolize your goal,
  • creating a collage that gives a visual reminder of your vision,
  • lighting a candle, writing down your intention


Happy New Moon, happy manifestation!

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