Module 3 - Rebirthing Advanced Practices

฿ 32,670 - 34,650 | $990 - $1050

The Rebirthing Advanced Practices Training is the third Module of the TantraRebirth Program. This training highlights advanced practices, such as water rebirthing sessions, tantric fire rituals, personalized coaching sessions.

10-days Training

Days: Monday – Friday

Daily Schedule: 9-12pm | 3-6pm

Total Commitment: 60 hours (leads into Professional Training)


MODULE 1 and MODULE 2 are both pre-requisites for the participation of this program.

Regular Price: Thai baht 34,650
Early Bird: Thai baht 32,670 (valid until 25th of January)



Note: The fee only contains the course fee. no accommodation, no food. Also 5% transaction fee does not included within the price. Ask for our bank details to save this fee on paypal.

After successfully completing the previous modules (Modul 1 and Modul 2), understanding and working on our limiting beliefs, transforming childhood traumas and blockages, we are ready to move forward and to work on adult-year imprints.

Without previously addressing childhood issues, we are destined to recreate the very same experiences in our adult and intimate relationships as we lived through in the early years of our lives.

This modul highlights advanced practices:

  •     deep non-sexual activities addressing the yearning of the inner feminine and inner masculine,
  •       supplemental units such as building a prosperity matrix,
  •             success imprinting, and more.

We turn to a full integration of self-understanding which ripples into our lives in the form of healthy relationships, grown-up adult maturity, responsible self-care, balance in our masculine and feminine aspects, equilibrium between strength and softness, action and non-action, emission and receptivity.

We will recognize our vulnerability and surrender as power while simultaniously cultivating our strengths.

  • The deconditioning of the Feminine and Masculine;
  • Removing victim consciousness;
  • Overcoming insecurities and inhibitions;
  • Align with and authentic expression;
  • Access the full human potential;
  • Learning to live from a place of spontaneity, presence;
  • Accessing authentic vulnerability.

This program represents a catharsis, an intense process for self-healing, a journey of self-discovery and transformation, along with steps in your personal and spiritual evolution – or it may develop into a multidimensional experience enfolding all of these. 

The Rebirthing Advanced Practices Training has as its pillars:

The first 5 days of the Advanced Practices Training are dedicated to “Inner Alchemy”. The days will be consecrated to four hours of theory/information/group exercises and three hours of Rebirthing Breathwork/water-based Rebirthing sessions. Depending on the group process we will hold two to three warm-water Rebirthing sessions and one to two sessions of “dry” Rebirthing Breathwork, or non-water sessions. Spiritual purification practices with fire will be woven into our days. 

Participants will Experience:

Advanced Practices main image2
  • Exercises with gender related roles/rules
  • Feminine archetypes, plus their healing and suppression
  • Masculine archetypes, plus their healing and suppression
  • Water-based Rebirthing sessions
  • How to create loving relationships, healthy relationships
  • Learning what our inner feminine and masculine wish for (explored through non-sexual activities)
  • Unconscious death urge (self-sabotage, when our impulses run counter to our well-being, selves, and harmony); exploring the source of this negative force and opportunities for transformation

Participants can expect the following Benefits:

IMG_3634 (2)
  • Integrity of feminine/masculine (this will be the aim of our study and practice, although it may take time to reach this ideal)
  • Clearer intuition
  • More clarity about gender-related issues and inner states
  • Conflict resolution, healthy boundaries
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for oneself, willpower
  • Better relationships
  • Reviewing and rewiring relationship patterns (friends, family, intimate partners)

The second 5 days of the Advanced Practices Training are dedicated to the subject “Abundance”. The days will be consecrated to four hours of theory/information/group exercises and three hours of Rebirthing Breathwork/water-based Rebirthing sessions. We will hold cold-water Rebirthing sessions at the waterfall for deepened practices. Spiritual purification practices with fire will be woven into our days.

Participants will Experience:

  • Comprehensive exploration of our relationship to money
  • Turning hobbies/passions into sources of income
  • Developing a wellspring of creativity in hobbies, career, and daily life activities
  • Learning to recognize where our gifts and purpose have synchronicity
  • Ascertaining whether we are doing the work we are meant to do/what we like to do/or what is calling us from our own hearts
  • How to do self-Rebirthing
  • Prosperity consciousness vs. poverty consciousness
  • Building lasting prosperity consciousness
  • Exploring self-imposed blockages to abundance on every level – finances, love, freedom, and support; “deserving” abundance and feeling “good enough” for it

Participants can expect the following Benefits:

  • Determination and strong goal-setting abilities
  • Manifesting a premium level of efficiency in your life and practice
  • A solid understand both in theory and practice of the TantraRebirth System
  • Ability to continue with the self-healing and transformation by the practice of Rebirthing
  • Lay solid fundations for the Rebirthing Facilitator Program

Koh Phangan, Shritanu


Accommodation and catering are NOT included in the Thailand Programs. However, we are glad to assist you in finding a place in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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