This Program is NOT just a Breathwork experience!
You will be immersed in rebirthing breathwork, movement, embodiment practices, rituals, classical-tantric fire ceremonies and healing circles by applying cutting edge coaching tools.

This Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator program is for you if you:

You will experience:
Healing, Transformation, Empowerment, Embodiment & Initiation.

A bit about my studies and teaching experiences:

  • 300+ hrs Professional training  with Leonard Orr ( Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork) (USA, 2011, 2013.)
  • Extended studies in Holotropic breathwork (Hungary, 2000-2003.) 
  • Transpersonal Psychology (Hungary, 2001-2004.), 
  • Guiding 1-on-1 healing processes since 2010., 
  • Giving Workshops on the topic since 2011.
  • 10,000+ teaching hours in total.
  • Have conducted my 400+ hours Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Program twice a year since 2015.
  • I’m an accredited member of the British Rebirth Society. 
  • Teaching experience in Thailand, China, Australia, England and Hungary.
  • 500 hrs Tantric Hatha yoga teacher training program (2010.) 
  • Classical Tantra intitiation (Shivoham Tantra, India 2017-2022.).
  • Mystical Dance TTC (300+ hrs, 2015.).
  • Tantric Journey – Massage certification course (2017).
  • Sex, Love & Relationships coaching certification  (900+hours, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, 2019.).
  • Specialised in Women’s Empowerment, Men’s Sexuality and Relationship Transformation (Tantric I. of Integrated Sexuality).

Step 1 (3 weeks live)

  • The Facilitator program starts off with personal transformation within the Re-Learn Love & Intimacy Retreat.
  • This 3-week long Retreat is your initiation into this type of work,.
  • You experience personal transformation through breathwork, embodiment, movement, fire ceremonies, healing circles, empowering practices. 
  • Next Dates: 23. January – 11. February 2023
  • Weekly schedule: Monday-Saturday (8.30-11.30am and 2-5pm)
  • Location: Thailand, Koh Phangan
  • 108+ hours activities
  • EUR 1780.-
Rebirthing Breathwork

Step 2 (5 weeks online)

Rebirthing Facilitator Training

Step 3 (2 weeks live)

  • The focus of this part of the training is to fully equip participants with the skills required to become qualified and capable practicing Rebirthing.
  • You learn the skills required to work with others.
  • Tools are: breathwork, embodiment, movement, towards blocks to emotional and mental wellbeing, incl. empowerment.
  • Practicum sessions to learn how to guide someone through a transformational process.

 Learning by doing (helping and assisting on the Program)

  • Monday-Saturday
  • 108+ hours
  • Next dates: July 2023, Hungary
Price: EUR 2220.- ( Incl. Stage 2+3)
Conscious Breathwork

Experience continuous personal growth while finding your voice as a Facilitator.

Next Dates:

Stage 1: 23.01-11.02.2023, Thailand
Stage 2: April-May 2023 (online)
Stage 3: July, Hungary


Stage 1
Live Retreat


(to be paid latest by the first day of the Retreat)

Stage 2+3
Online&Live Retreat


 (can be paid in 4 instalments, April-July)

What previous participants say about their experience

Frequently Asked Questions

You do start right here with this Program! 


You will be knowledgeable, confident and empowered to start giving 1-on-1 sessions.

You will be able to guide, high quality 1-on-1 Rebirthing Breathwork and emotional healing sessions.

Contact us to learn more about the program designed to hold group sessions.

You start with Stage 1, Re-learn love and intimacy Retreat.

You are welcome to join the program without any previous breathwork or healing experience. The program is a step-by-step guidance on breathwork, mental&emotional healing and inner child healing. We start with the transformation from the basics. You will be able to follow it along.

We apply Rebirthing Breathwork during this program.

Holotropic breathwork isn’t part of the curriculum.

However, there are other types of breathwork practices, mainly from the tantric tradition, which are used here as an additional tool to Rebirthing Breathwork.

We apply the technique of  Rebirthing Breathwork, which is a quite specific approach to evolution and personal transformation. I am certain, that you can benefit greatly from this course both on personal and professional level. 

I’m sorry, you need to start the program from Stage 1.