Welcome to the in-depth Rebirthing Breathwork
Facilitator Training!

Do you want to make a REAL difference, contribute to other people life’s…
while doing what you like and thrive financially?

You can grow personally and become a guide for others in shifting their consciousness. You can revolutionise your life… and learn to support others to do the same.
I am excited to share the details below, and should you decide to join, I will be happy
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Conscious Breathwork is an acknowledged tool for transformation.
The field is in great need of qualified, talented and inspiring Facilitators.
This is Your invitation to become one of them!

Who am I and what makes me qualified to offer this program

  • I have studied Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr, the Founder of the technique. (USA, 2011, 2013.)
  • I have studied Holotropic breathwork for 3 years.
  • I have participated in an extended course in Transpersonal Psychology. (Hungary, 3 years)
  • I have been facilitating successful  workshops on the subject since 2011.
  • I have been running the Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Program since 2015. 
  • I am an accredited member of the British Rebirth Society. 
  • High level of intuition helps me to apply the necessary tools for your personal transformation.
  • The knowledge and information from my yogic and tantric studies support and ground me during this work.
  • Being initiated into rituals, tantric traditional fire ceremonies gives a special flavour to this offering. 
  • As a certified Sex, Love & Relationships coach I understand the realm of intimate relationships as well.

Modul 1 (17 weeks)

THE FACILITATOR Training is an extended learning and preparation to become an empowered Facilitator.

It will take you on a journey through the structure of the mind and realm of the emotions into an empowered place, where you find the real freedom to create the life you want.

While you may know intuitively that your mind has enormous creative potential through the power of the subconscious, in your daily lives you might often layer over this potential  emotional wounds, traumas, and negative belief systems which hinder you from manifesting according to your deepest desires.

MODUL 1 is a self-development container to experience the depth and fullness of yourself.

  • You will learn both through theory and practice how to take control of your life by breaking the chain of limitations and outgrown conditioning.

  • Through an extended process of deconditioning yourself from childhood programming you can arrive to a space of wholeness within and live your own authentic truth.

  • As you find true emotional freedom you will be able to live a life of choice, connection and peace.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Upon completion of Modul 1 You will be confident, knowledgeable, self-trusting, vibrant, more whole, and ready to guide Your own deep healing process and ongoing self-balancing, and ready to embark on the journey of learning the Rebirthing Breathwork facilitation. 

You need to heal and transform Yourself first,
to be able to support and assist others in their transformation.

Modul 2 (5 weeks)

THIS MODUL represents a catharsis, an intense process for self-healing, a journey of self-discovery and transformation. You are invited to take another  long step in your personal or spiritual evolution, which may develop into a multidimensional experience. 

It is necessary that You have set a clear intention to facilitate Rebirthing Breathwork for others, in some way, in the future.

WE CONTINUE with the  inner work on topics of abundance mindset, money matrix, self-care as a facilitator, which potentially has the rippel effects of:

  • Profound personal growth;
  • Transforming victim consciousness;  
  • The opening up or emergence of channeling capacities;
  • Solid understanding of  Rebirthing both in theory and practice;
  • Preparation for approaching a healing practice as a profession.
Rebirthing Facilitator Training

After completing the personal development Modul successfully,
participants are welcome to continue the program towards facilitation.

Modul 3 (5 weeks)

THIS MODUL intends to fully equip participants with the skills required to become qualified and capable practicing Rebirthing.  You will also learn the professional skills of being self-employed in any profession including as a Rebirthing Breathworker.

MODUL 3 addresses the skills required to work with others professionally using Rebirthing, to apply the technique towards blocks to wellness and intentional living. Principles and practices are followed both in theory and practice.

PARTICIPANTS are trained in the competencies required to use specific Rebirthing clearing skills so that they can provide support to clients at all stages and in the process phases of their personal and spiritual development. Some of the topics covered:

  • Methodology and a practicum training; facilitation;
  • Guidelines of a high-quality Rebirthing;
  • The role of a Rebirther, ethical codes;
  • Find your inner guidance;
  • Holding, being present, boundaries, self-care;
  • Rebirthing practicum sessions.
Conscious Breathwork
Rebirthing Training

THE MODUL is designed to learn both in theory and practice to hold confidently a container for 1-on-1 rebirthing breathwork sessions, emotional healing, mental re-patterning.

Experience continuous personal growth while finding your voice as a Facilitator.

Modul 4 (Integration)

AFTER successful completion of the previous Modules, participants are ready to share their knowledge, experience and unique skills with the public.

As you proceed in integrating both in theory and practice all the information you have aquired during the previous Moduls, You find your inner voice, guidance and feel empowered.

PARTICIPANTS are required to submit a certain number of 1-on-1 rebirthing breathwork session reports.

The central focus during this Module is to practice to hold a container for facilitation.

Weekly facilitation development calls support both the personal and professional development, to help you to discover and polish your unique skills and gifts as a facilitator.

COMPLETION of this program will qualify individuals to hold 1-on-1 healing sessions.


As you emerge yourself into giving Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, you integrate and master the tools and techniques learned in the program.


What is included?

  • 8-month long transformational to become an empowered Facilitator;
  • Live calls are hosted: on Tuesdays & Saturdays 
  • First call: 01.10.2021 @ 6pm (CET, Budapest);
  • Via Zoom on any of your device (phone, tablet, pc);
  • Recordings are uploaded within 24 hours to replay;
  • Weekly, interactive breathwork sessions;
  •  25 videos, audios, playbook, workbook for home study;
  • Access to an international community to utilise the power of joined intention.

This program is for You if you:

  • Feel called and inspired to serve others as a guide in their transformation;
  • Would like to learn about the authentic Rebirthing, thought by the Founder, Leonard Orr;
  • Interested in Breathwork as a healing tool, and are ready to dedicate your time to learn it;
  • Want to be able to use a successful approach to emotional and trauma healing;  
  • Expand your toolkit as coach, light worker, facilitator or instructor of other modalities;
  • Are interested to learn how to apply Rebirthing and tantric elements for transformation;

Available Date: 01.Oct 2021

EUR 4400.-

4 x EUR 1150.-

9 x EUR 510.-

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is suitable for anyone with or without a breathwork experience. 

The guided breathwork sessions are structured in such a way, that anyone can join it, enjoy it and benefit from it.

Weekly interactive calls, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions ensure your success in transformation.

Your home practice is supported by videos, audios and written information. A private FB group is there for you to stay connected and reach out if needed in between live calls.

You do start right here with this Program! 

You will be able to guide, high quality 1-on-1 Rebirthing Breathwork and emotional healing sessions.

Contact us to learn more about the program designed to hold group sessions.


You will be knowledgeable, confident and empowered to start giving 1-on-1 sessions.

You are welcome to join the program without any previous breathwork or healing experience. The program is a step-by-step guidance on breathwork, mental&emotional healing and inner child healing. We start with the transformation from the basics. You will be able to follow it along.

We apply Rebirthing Breathwork during this program.

Holotropic breathwork isn’t part of the curriculum.

However, there are other types of breathwork practices, mainly from the tantric tradition, which are used here as an additional tool to Rebirthing Breathwork.

We apply the technique of  Rebirthing Breathwork, which is a quite specific approach to evolution and personal transformation. I am sure, that you can benefit from this course both on personal and professional level. 

What previous participants say about their experience


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