Sacred closure of 2019

Sacred closure of 2019

2019 is nearing its end. 

What an important time of the year!

Actually, the time of the decade!

Most probably, it is right to say that the way you end a project is the same way you start a new one.

Giving special attention to the closure of the year makes a definite impact on the new year.

When a group of people comes together with the same intention, it can create magic.

As we join our energies for a special reason like a synchronized meditation or a closure breathwork session, we can influence not only our future but, the environment in large. 

We can even have an impact on the future of the Planet.


I have designed a breathwork event to make the closure of 2019 into a sacred ceremony.

We will journey around topics as follows:

  • What have you achieved during this year?
  • What have you not achieved, and still at peace with it and ready to let it go?
  • What would you like to reset, upgrade, and update?
  • What plans would you like to carry over to the next year for accomplishment?
  • We will reflect on questions like what is important to you?
  • What are you proud of or disappointed about?


We will follow guided questions for self-reflection and breathwork for clearing out residues from this past year. 

The process will help you to direct your energies towards 2020.