Rebirthing Breathwork Training Online

Imagine there was a tool that could transform anything you struggle with, into certainty, contentment, a sense of calm, love and self-confidence. Rebirthing Breathwork is one of those tools. It can assist you on the journey of turning your life into beauty, happiness, magic.

How is that possible?

Through Rebirthing Breathwork, you are taken into a trans-state, where an opportunity is given to acknowledge your conditioning, it’s root causes, and the different ways you act it out.

The transformation takes place – by itself; by acknowledging WHAT IS.    The effects are fundamental, lasting, and almost instantaneous.

This self-development program is divided into 3 Stages. Each Stage is a separate unit and can be taken individually or, ideally, all together.

stage 1

THE QUALITY of Your life, the quality of Your relationships, the level of the abundance you create – are all the reflections of your beliefs.

BELIEFS ARE thoughts, which through conditioning and repetitive thinking were empowered so much, that they became both the controller and foundation of your life.

THIS PROGRAM will help you to understand and transform your core beliefs.

MOST OF your beliefs were formed at a very early age (until 7-8 years old). Since then, these are unwillingly and most of the times unconsciously repeated.

THE CENTRAL topic of this program is to evaluate, acknowledge, understand, accept, and transform these beliefs. As you exercise guided self inquiry, you discover those thoughts and beliefs which hold you back from living the life you desire.

THROUGH the transformation of these thoughts, your entire life will change for the better. The change takes place instantaneously, providing a lasting improvement on every level in your life.

breathwork training online

Thank you so so much! You are offering a valuable opportunity for people to change their lives in a profound way. I’m really glad I attended and felt the lasting benefit. Definitely up for! Thanks again!

Anonymous, 2019

I can say…. I used to tell drama stories. Now when I start all the heaviness is gone. I laugh and make fun of it. Still it is my story and I take myself seriously, but now having gone consciously through it again I noticed that in daily life I have a wider perspective on it and it stopped being drama. Maybe the addiction to suffer has gone! My intuition always worked well but it got some fine tuning!

Female participant, 2017

Available date:

  •  Sept 11 – Oct 30.

Regular price: £ 390.- Register NOW!

Instalments: 3 x £ 156.- Register NOW!

Contact us in case of financial hardship to receive extra support!

What is included?

  • 5-week long program;
  • 11 videos, e-book, workbook for home study;
  • 5 live breathwork sessions;
  • 5 group coaching, Q&A;
  • 1-on-1 coaching w/Chandra;
  • Private FB Group,
  • Recordings of the live calls.

You will be able to continue your journey of transformation with the tools given during the course.

stage 2

THE QUALITY of your relationships matches up with the quality of the relationships you experienced in your biological family. The level and quality of love, intimacy, connection, communication you grew up with will be mirrored in your relationships, and most significantly in your romantic relationships.

THE FOUNDATION of your self-worth, self-love and self-confidence are laid down in your biological family. You see yourself exactly at the same level of worthiness, as you have experienced it in your family of origin.

IF YOU were loved, accepted, appreciated for being who you are, you would be able to love, accept, and appreciate yourself for who you are.
If you are able to love, accept, and appreciate yourself for who you are, you attract people who love, accept and appreciate you for who you are.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

TO BE able to live a life you dream of, sharing it with a romantic partner you deserve, following your purpose – you need to do inner work.

IN THIS program, the inner work is to clear out the history inherited from your biological family, the removal of fear, guilt, shame, and embracing your inner child. The inner child refers to the psycho-emotional conditioning you experienced as a child.

I had my very first rebirthing session with Chandra in Thailand 2016. Before that, I tried many different healing and spiritual methods, but this one blew my mind. This day changed my life. Chandra is a great teacher and guide. I felt always safe, protected and guided. Until now, I had more than 20 sessions with her and I am always amazed by her way of rebirthing me – always guiding me deeper and deeper and helping me to unlock my unlimited power. I feel very connected to her due to her gift of always asking the right questions and touching me in the right moment. I am very thankful for this experience and her trust in me. I would always recommend her as a facilitator/teacher/healer.

Kathrina (2017)

Chandra, I am very grateful for what I have learned and experienced with you in the rebirthing workshop.
I got the awareness that at a very young age, I made up my mind that the only way for me to find happiness was to move away from my family.
I recreated this pattern over and over again, by unconsciously moving away from all relationships that could bring me to create a family.
Now I am very happy to tell you that after your rebirthing sessions I am now building a loving relationship with a woman that I love for nearly 10 years, but moved away from her several times.
Now I don’t escape her any more, we visited lately many places together and got blessed together by a monk in a Buddhist temple; I have the feeling that I love her unconditionally and that I am ready to create a family with her.

Male participant, 2016

Available Dates:

  • Nov 6 –  Dec 18.

Regular Price: £ 440.- Register NOW!

Instalments: 4 x £ 132.- Register NOW!

Contact us in case of financial hardship to receive extra support!

What is included?

  • 6-week long program;
  • 5 videos, audios, workbook for home study;
  • 6 live breathwork sessions;
  • Interactive group coaching with Chandra;
  • Private FB Group;
  • Recordings of live the calls. 

The teachings are therapeutic, mystical, and at the same time spiritual.
It is based upon the understanding of the necessity of healing the past, to be able to create a bright future.

stage 3

IN THIS training, you turn to the full integration of self-understanding. It ripples into your life in the form of healthy relationships, grown-up adult maturity, responsible self-care, a balance between masculine and feminine aspects, an equilibrium between strength and softness, action and non-action, and emission and receptivity.

YOU WILL recognize your vulnerability and surrender as power while simultaneously cultivating your strengths.

THE CENTRAL topic of this program is to create a healthy ecology between the inner feminine and masculine. This is the foundation of a healthy, happy, fulfilling intimate relationship. Inherited patterns will be cleared out by gaining awareness of them.

YOU ARE given the opportunity to step into your power, by accepting yourself for who you are, taking responsibility for your actions, dreams, desires, embracing your shadow parts.


The rebirthing workshop was far beyond my expectations!
I released so much anger, so much frustrations, I understand what is going on inside me and I am able now to open my heart. I truly feel reborn
I got easy tools to change my destructive beliefs into supportive beliefs
The group was supportive, and even though I had to connect to some painful trauma of early childhood, the workshop was an enjoyable experience, with an unexpected good surprise
Much gratitude to Chandra.

Anonymous, 2015

Available Dates:

  •  August 7 – Sept 18.
  •  2021. Jan 8 – Febr 26.

Regular price: £ 440.- Register NOW!

Instalments: 4 x £ 132.- Register NOW!

Contact us in case of financial hardship to receive extra support!

What is included?

  • 6-week long program;
  • 5 videos, workbook, pdf for home study;
  • 6 live breathwork sessions;
  • Interactive group coaching w/Chandra;
  • Private FB Group;
  • Recordings of the live calls.

Register for Stage 1 + 2 + 3

Regular price: £1200 Register NOW!

Instalments: 9 x £160 Register NOW!

My commitment to your growth

My name is Chandra. I have dedicated more than a decade to learning, teaching and personal experience to create high level personal development programs.

I guarantee to you, that all of my programs are unique and potent in bringing about lasting transformation and not only will change your life….

Moreover, you will also experience living your life from a place of inner calm, clarity and love more often. You will feel like tapping into a place within yourself that you had been searching for; a place to just Be, relax and flow.

This program can help you to:

  • Reconnect to an empowered place within, beyond the mind and realm of the emotions;
  • Experience the real freedom to create the life you want;
  • Bring you face-to-face with your challenges, and unravel the repetitive negative patterns;
  • Transmute unhelpful thoughts into positivity and focus;
  • Release emotional imprints, part traumas, experience empowerment;
  • Learn to use breathwork for continous transformation;

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is suitable for anyone with or without a breathwork experience. 

The guided breathwork sessions are structured in such a way, that anyone can join it, enjoy it and benefit from it. 

Interactive coaching sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching ensure your transformation.

Your home practice is supported by videos, audios and written information. A private FB Group is there for you to stay connected and reach out if needed in between live calls.

This program a designed to transform and heal yourself. 

Our Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Program is listed here: 

The Art of Deconditioning, Stage 1. workshop is a personal development journey. 

You will learn how to apply the course techniques on yourself to be able to continue with your development.

Leading group sessions isn’t part of the curriculum.

You will learn how to apply the tools on yourself for further development.

In order to be able to give high quality, 1-on-1 rebirthing breathwork sessions you are welcome to join the Facilitator program.

You start right here. 
The Self development program is divided into 3 Stages.

Each Stage can be taken individually. You can start at any Stage you like, however ideally at Stage 1.

Yes, if you are seeking a journey on “healing the Inner Child”, you are at the right place.

All Stage of the Self development program address the integration of the Inner Child.  

The Stage 2. program highlights this work.

You could join the program from Stage 2. and join Stage 1. at a later time.

In order to participate in Stage 3. you will need the completion of either Stage 1. and 2. 

Holotropic breathwork isn’t part of our practices.

We apply Rebirthing Breathwork, and other types of breathing practices for reconnecting to the hear center, harmonising the different energy centers within the body, and again others types for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, anger.

Yes, you will be confident to apply Rebirthing Breathwork on your own. You also receive pre-recording videos to follow along with breathwork.

Stage 1. is a 5-week long course.

Stage 2. is a 6-week long course.

Stage 3. is a 6-week long course.

The weekly live calls are 2 hours long.

We invite you to invest about 30 minutes into your home practice, at least 3-4 times per week.

All sessions and calls are hosted by Chandra, via zoom. 

Zoom is a free application, can be downloaded to any of your devices from

Register NOW for Stage 1 or 2 or 3 OR for the Package 1+2+3

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