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Janosh Conte, CH

Janosh Conte, CH

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Tatiana, ITALY

I had my very first rebirthing session with Chandra in Thailand 2016. Before that, I tried many different healing and spiritual methods, but this one blew my mind. This day changed my life. Chandra is a great teacher and guide. I felt always safe, protected and guided. Until now, I had more than 20 sessions with her and I am always amazed by her way of rebirthing me - always guiding me deeper and deeper and helping me to unlock my unlimited power. I feel very connected to her due to her gift of always asking the right questions and touching me in the right moment. I am very thankful for this experience and her trust in me. I would always recommend her as a facilitator/teacher/healer.

Katharina, 2017

Earlier this year I participated in Chandra’s rebirthing course, and was positively impressed. Even though I only participated a week, I was able to deal with some “buried” emotions, and in the process I learned a lot about my limiting beliefs and how they are holding me back. By shining the light on those limiting beliefs and bringing them into awareness, I have been able to make subtle changes to my perception of relity and of myself, which has been transformative. Thank you Chandra for paving the road less travelled with your light!

Anonymous , 2017

I am writing this testimonial sometime after the Rebirthing sessions with Chandra. I can thankfully say that both the deeply-held trauma and negative thoughts/energy I had struggled with prior have not returned It is very refreshing to no longer struggle with issues and patterns that had previously made life difficult since childhood.

Chandra is highly experienced, intuitive and learned in facilitating these sessions - hence her dedication and focus in sharing this powerful method with others all over the world.

Rebirthing has the potential to clear all kinds of problems, regardless of how long they have plagued a person, by utilising the inate intelligence of the body and energy system to self-clear.

I highly recommend Rebirthing with Chandra for individuals, yogis, practitioners, everyone

Thankyou thankyou thankyou Chandra.

Bryan ,2017

Down, up, rinse, wash, repeat, dry.
The course to me is about planting seeds and nurturing them with all elements, darkness and water for the roots to spread, light for energy and transformation, faith, effort, patience, and persistence.

Noah December , 2017.

I can say.... I used to tell drama stories. Now when I start all the heaviness is gone. I laugh and make fun if it. Still it is my story and i take myself seriously but now having gone consciously through it again I noticed that in daily life I have a wider perspective on it and it stopped being drama. Maybe the addiction to suffer has gone! My intuition always worked well but it got some fine tuning!

Yvi December, 2017

Not feeling any guilt towards my mother that I'm leaving again and Living my life. I'm true to my dreams now!

Anonymous , 2017

During one of the last water sessions Chandra guided me to a deep memory of my childhood which was related to fear. I felt the (emotional) pain related to my memory in my left ear! Pain, I didnt want to face. My left ear was troublesom and I cant hear very well with it. During the Session I had no other choice than to face my fear and accept and dive in to it. When I did this, my head went under water and I heard a sound in my ear, something like a blubb - as if something dissolved. When I came out of the water and I had a different feeling. I was hearing better and I realized it has been an emotional Blockade. After coming home, I went to the doctor to do a hearing test and my hearing improved. The doctor said it must be a mistake due to method, but I knew better: rebirth changed something in my ear, something healed. In my ear and in my heart :heartbeat:


Chandra, I am very grateful for what I have learned and experienced with you in the rebirthing workshop.
I got the awareness that at a very young age, I made up my mind that the only way for me to find happiness was to move away from my family.
I recreated this pattern over and over again, by unconsciously moving away from all relationships that could bring me to create a family.
Now I am very happy to tell you that after your rebirthing sessions I am now building a loving relationship with a woman that I love for nearly 10 years, but moved away from her several times.
Now I don't escape her any more, we visited lately many places together and got blessed together by a monk in a Buddhist temple; I have the feeling that I love her unconditionally and that I am ready to create a family with her.

Loic , 2016

My Grateful recommendation to Chandra:
I did the free rebirthing experience with her 2 days ago, and had the most powerful purification i"ve ever experienced with breathwork.
To the point of physically throwing up the old pattern that was with me my whole life :) it was a powerful experience. And despite how it looked, inside I felt so happy for this release.
along the process Chandra came exactly at the right time and intuitively dropped on me one sentence insights (she was pretty busy with a room of 30 people) that explained profound things in my life.
after the intense experience I was left in blissful laughter! :)

To all of you who are going to rebirthing sessions. More power to you!
Come with a pattern if you already know about one, come ready to release it, push yourselves and take out all the unnecessary shit from the system.
Life will look a bit brighter the day after :)

Tal, Israel, 2015.

The rebirthing workshop was far beyond my expectations!

I released so much anger, so much frustrations, I understand what is going on inside me and I am able now to open my heart. I truly feel reborn

I got easy tools to change my destructive beliefs into supportive beliefs

The group was supportive, and even though I had to connect to some painful trauma of early childhood, the workshop was an enjoyable experience, with an unexpected good surprise

Much gratitude to Chandra Andrea and to Agama.

Loi, 2015.

I simply love Rebirthing because it is with the Rebirthing I came the closest to experiencing that profound feeling of unconditional love and bliss. When I came out of the ocean in Koh Phangan and Chandra was holding me in her hands like a baby and took the mask from my face, I had tears streaming down and the first thing i said was - "I am so happy to be a human.

Alyona, UK, 2015

I do yoga and my daily meditation. I Iearned psychology and tried many therapies but with all my knowledge and practice I still had problems in the last years asserting myself in the professional life. All my creativity, my ideas and projects stuck on the realization. However, I was lucky: in the first rebirthing session I remembered such things that happened when I was born. I remembered those feelings and emotions, and just realized that they lived very deep inside of me. They are determining my actions and the way how I am thinking about myself. Later, when I recognized them I understood that I need to change my way of thinking. And I started to change... and the life started to change, too!

Bernadett, HU, 2015

The Rebirthing sessions with Andrea were amazing. They helped me connect and release deep emotions from childhood and cry after years of not crying. Andrea was there to guide me through the process with the right questions and affirmations, providing a safe environment in which I can tap into my deepest emotions, let them go and construct a more positive perspective.

Guy, Israel, 2O15.

My meeting with Andrea and Rebirthing has been really an incredible experience! It allowed me to relive the separation with my biological parents and feel in my cells the love they had for me to overcome the syndrome of abandonment I suffered until now ... It 'is a considerable change in my present life and I leave confident in my future life!

Jade, FR, 2015

When one has been given a direct gift from the Divine and spends his or her life sharing that gift with others, the rewards and benefits of that gift are themselves Divine. This is the case with Chandra and her Rebirthing Classes. Though I knew nothing about Rebirthing when I first met Chandra, she has a special way of teaching this powerful meditation that from even the first class I participated in, I was taken to a deeper understanding of the Self and reaped the Divine benefits from it. It was truly a blessing to have met Chandra who is such a beautiful person and teacher and to be able to partake in her dharma during my time in Rishikesh, India.

Amber, 2015.

Rebirthing has a real effect from the first session: one can feel a lot of unconscious sensations or emotions that normally only come after long periods of meditation. With further practice it helped me get better established in my daily mediations and really feel my breath and calm my mind. I can only recommend.
Wish you all the best!

Chris, 2015.

When I first heard about rebirthing/transformational breathwork, I thought "no thanks - I don't know what that is - it sounds weird, and if I'm honest, it sounds terrifying!". So I avoided it.
It was only because two friends of mine spoke of such positive effects they had got from their sessions with Andrea that I finally decided to give it a go. Wow-am I glad I did!
The sessions I spent with Andrea were so profound. From conversations I've had with others who have seen her, it seems I can't tell you what will happen in your session, as Andrea tailors the session entirely to your needs.
I broke through some huge barriers and difficulties I was holding on to, and Andrea encouraged me to really use my creativity to re-wire my brain and my heart.
I know now, exactly why I was resistant to it in the first place. It is challenging, there is nowhere to hide, but why would you want to? Life is so much more beautiful if you let yourself be seen.
Take it from an English cynic who just wanted to laugh at stuff like this, that it is worth a try. Give yourself to the process whole-heartedly and you'll get out of it what you put in. I highly recommend you take a session with Andrea. I felt so safe, so treasured, so held by her. I am definitely a lighter person because of it. What have you got to lose ?

Suzy, Mai, 2012. U.K.

I visited my birth in my first session with Andrea and could feel the hospital room and the energy of the people there, I also sensed some beings who were present at my birth, it seems my soul was not happy to come here but after the session it felt more comfortable. The following session induced some visions of myself visiting some mayan temples deep in the jungle and a sense that I should go travelling. In the last session I felt a lot of emotion for this current reality, it helped me to release some deep layers of supressed energy.

I highly recommend a transformational breathing session with Andrea, whether it be rebirthing, self healing or vision questing.
This is the most powerful natural way to reach deep states of consciousness.

Jony, Mai, 2012. U.K.

"For me this work has truly been the greatest gift! It has been so powerful that I feel a heavy veil of illusion, through which I have perceived my life so far, has been lifted. I have been able to release emotional pain and patterns that I have lived with for so long I thought they were me! It has been a deep and profound joy to discover that these pains are actually great spiritual gifts, allowing me great insight into my life and the purpose of it.

Ruth, 2012. U.K.

This workshop has been an unbelievable gift for me. It is challenging to express in words just how perfect this process was, but I shall give it a go!

I have been aware for many years that I needed to "deal" with certain things in my life; events, traumas, emotions and patterns of behavior which were preventing me from being happy and healthy. I have been ill since I was 12 (now 30) and although I have made a massive amount of progress in the last 5 years I was still essentially running the same, self-destructive patterns and living with a high level of anxiety and fear.

This rebirthing workshop was so much more than the sum of its parts. The "so called" seminars, the rebirthing (breathing) sessions, the fires, the bathing etc. The truth is, every single little thing that went on during and surrounding the workshop was divine perfection; a catalyst to transform something in myself. Perfectly designed to dredge up ("trigger") all the old derelicts of the subconscious to be put out. This meant that the process was extremely uncomfortable and painful at times but the beautiful thing about the workshop is it really provides the tools and support to transform and release these things for good and go free.

Some of the things that came up for me I was previously aware of (some "dealt" with, some not) but many were remarkable revelations. It’s been incredible to discover that starting from pre-birth you form ideas about the world and you continue to play these out for a lifetime or until you are liberated from them. Seeing my patterns and understanding their root cause allowed me to understand and forgive myself and others and to energetically and emotionally release them. And replace them with positive beliefs about myself and the universe.

Another beautiful thing about this process is that the trainers are also going through their own processes during the workshop and in honestly sharing their experiences and being human they create a space for growth and deep bonding and support within the group.

I feel like a different person after the workshop. I genuinely feel like the universe is a different place and that ANYTHING is possible! Thank you does not even begin to cover it, but thank you, ho!!! Jai!!! Xxxxxx

Eve 2012

I was surprised how deep this rebirth process took me. It unearthed forgotten and suppressed issues, emotional lock-downs, and aided me to recognise, confront and finally release these concerns.
Whilst no therapeutic technique on its own is, nor can be a panacea to all ills, I found this particular method illuminating and ultimately beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Andrea provides a professional and caring approach, combining competency and support.
The experience leads me without hesitation to recommend both her and this healing means of self discovery and ultimately a return to wholeness.

John N Jones, 2011.

I am so gratefull about my rebirthing with Andrea. During the rebirthing session I found the key I was looking for, for such a long time.
It opened me a totally new possibility of going through my life.
This experience was truly life-changing for me.

Andrea helped me through the process in a very kind and soothing way. I felt abolutely secure and well supported.
Thank you for that amazing experience!

Big hug and lots of loooove.

Andrea (Switzerland), 2011.

The Rebirthing workshop was the most amazing roller-coaster ride, with ecstatic moments of bliss and moments deeply challenging old traumas and belief patterns.

There is no doubt that Rebirthing is very transformational work. The 5 days workshop/retreat I did was even more so, because of the intuitive professional guidance of the 3 facilitators: Andrea, Leesa and Andrew.

It was clear to me that these 3 facilitators live the work they do. Their heartfelt joy for this powerful work shines through, for the benefit of all of us.

Of all the self-help work I have done Rebirthing is far and away the best. I cannot recommend it and Leesa, Andrea and Andrew highly enough.

Edward Matthews, U.K. ,2012.

I have experimented with many alternative healing therapies all of which had little effect upon me and was therefore skeptical prior to meeting with Andrea for a 'Rebirthing' session. However i was blown away by how powerful and rewarding 'Rebirthing' proved to be. Andrea safely guided me into an alternate state enabling me to relieve a lot of physical and emotional stress from within. After our first session I felt an inner peace and weight off my shoulders and eagerly signed up for a few more sessions which further stripped away anxieties and stresses that had accumulated inside of me over many years. I highly reccommend to everyone to give this a try for yourself and feel the benefits, it is a really positive experience and Andrea is very competent.

Liam, Okctober, U.K. 2012.

Chandra’s workshop was interesting, intense and very healing. It pushed my boundaries in a way that is necessary for growth and I felt triumphant and
uplifted afterwards.  
I highly recommend it - I learnt so much!

Anonymous. September,2018.

Fabolous, great work!
I have felt heavy and emotional, but had some really good rlease. And I can feel/see clearer
about things now.The Workshop deffinitely seemed to reach and tap into some deep emotion and fear.

Anonymous. September,2018.

Chandras Tantra Workshop is a deeply powerful and liberating experience where we spend
a day and a half exploring what pleasure means and discovering beauty and innocence in
tantric sexuality.
Uncoscious negative beliefs and hidden patterns are realised and transformed through
affirmation and group sharing.I felt feeling empowered and truly in my feminine power.
I highly recommend attending and see for yourself.

Anonymous. October,2018.