The aim of this Breathwork and energy practice to bring awareness to the connection between your s.exuality, heart and mind.

During the practices we are going to check if there hasn’t been alignment between these 3 power center.

The misalignment of these centers can show up in different ways, for example:

  • you sexually engage with someone you don’t love;
  •  you love someone, still the desire for intimacy does not come naturally;
  • maybe you feel, that you mind controls your desires;

These signs, can be signs of a disconnection between the s.ex, heart and mind.


The 3 Power Centers Breathwork practice helps to create a sense of connection, communication and integration inside the body. It will help you to find alignment both energetically and psychologically.


During the guided practice we will use tools, such as

  •  breathwork
  •  energy practices,
  •  visualisation.



All are welcomed to this Webinar!

You don’t need any knowledge or experience of Breathwork to be able to follow along!