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How connected do you feel to your inner essence?

How is this affecting your relationships, professional life, and fulfillment in life?

All the elements of your life are interconnected.

Each aspect of your life has an impact on all the other areas.

The personal (romantic/intimate), professional, social and spiritual aspects of your life are all connected to – and influence – by each other.

Your creativity, self-expression and self-confidence, on one hand, foretell your success in these different areas.

On the other hand, your success and accomplishments are based on your self-worth and self-confidence.

Your self-love expresses itself through your activities, and your achievements reinforce your self-love in a cyclical manner – which can also act as a sort of catch-22….

If you don’t feel deeply connected to your essence and radiating from a strong and true center, it will filter through all aspects of your life.

I can help you to reach your goals, to live the life you deserve.
I would love to support you!


The tools I offer are:  

  • rebirthing
  • 1:1 mentoring

The rebirthing programs I offer is unique for many reasons:

  • I give you tools and strategies for the transformation to take place.        
  • At the same time, we deal with your underlying limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.
  • Only by acknowledging and transforming the limiting beliefs will you be able to create a LASTING change.  A lasting and rapid change.
  • We not only focus on one domain, but approach your life in a holistic way.
  • By applying the techniques, I provide for you, all areas of your life will benefit from it.
  • One of the specific aspects of this work is that you feel empowered by it. You will feel re-connected to your power.
  • After a series of sessions, usually about 3-7 sessions, you see and experience yourself as a fully empowered individual.

How does it work?

  • Sessions are held over skype or phone, and last around an hour.
  • After each session you will receive my notes from the session.
  • My approach is very practical – I will always guide you in changing the things and taking the actions that will provide the greatest benefit.
  • During each session we will discuss and create your “homework” – this is a list of tasks and assignments that will help you anchor the change and transformation in your life.
  • This is one of the crucial aspects of the rebirthing process –  I will help and guide you, but it is YOU who is responsible for taking action.
  • In between sessions I will support you via email, so you can share how you’re doing and ask questions.

What do we work on first– personal, professional, or spiritual?

  • We will first work on your personal life, on the connection to your family, and childhood experiences.
  • Although Rebirthing is done via skype, clients start experiencing the changes within only 2-3 sessions.
  • We will then raise your self-worth, dissolve limiting beliefs and change patterns of thought, speech, and behavior that are holding you back.
  • We will explore how to bring more of your values, gifts and talents into your life.
  • After that, we will explore how you could grow and evolve in various aspects of your life, celebrate your creativity and express more of yourself.
  • The last step is looking at and deepening your connection to your life-purpose, soul and higher-self, and how they relate to and empower all other aspects of your life.

How does this feel for you?

Can you imagine how deeply this process is going to affect you?

Visualize your life one year from now, after having done the rebirthing process.

Can you see how profound the transformation will be?

What makes me qualified to help you with Rebirthing?

I am an experienced Rebirthing facilitator, trainer, trans-healing facilitator.

I have studied and practiced many forms of tantra, yoga, healing modalities, spirituality and coaching.

I have been helping both women and men on their evolution with Rebirthing for many years.

How much does a Rebirthing sessions costs?

A single session

  • length: 1.30 hours 
  • can be upgraded to 3 weeks &  7 weeks long program
  • USD 98

3 weeks long program

  • one session / week
  • length: 1.30 hours/each time
  • USD 270   SAVE $24

7 weeks long program

  • one session / week
  • length: 1.30 hours/each time
  • USD 632   SAVE $54
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I only want to work on a specific aspect, such as family, abundance or business.Is that possible?

We will focus on whatever you choose.

Just remember that the best results come from addressing your life in a holistic way.


I feel ready to take the next step – what do I do?

That’s great. Schedule a session here.

Schedule a session here.