Emotional Detox - Bodywork for Women

Emotional Detox  is a spiritual approach to massage. The practitioner utilizes an energetically based, still practical – hands-on approach to bodywork. This sophisticated form or massage can bring about miraculous healing effects – while a personalised and authentic approach is maintained and combined with principles to emotional healing and massage.

The intention of the therapist is to meet the client at her level of comfort and serve her with a care, attention during the treatments to meet her needs.

Beneficial effects: 

  • empowerment, self-love, self-worth
  • emotional healing
  • transforming limiting beliefs, patterns
  • reconnecting to creativity
  • restore vitality, longevity, vigor
  • rejuvenation, youthfulness
  • help with sexual inhibitions

3 – 4 Hours

Clients Testimonial...

What an amazing experience! It was relaxing but also very profound. I felt completely safe and held and had a deep experience and feel so much lighter afterwards!

Holistic practitioner, UK

Chandra has nurturing and loving hands that intuitive feels into your body. I felt safe during the session and loved that she carries a lot of integrity into the sessions with high ethics, something which is so important today. I know she is also familiar with other kinds of therapies, and I love that she approaches all angles to understand things holistically.

Bodyworker, Anonymous, Europe

Chandra is an accomplished massage therapist who provides a safe and strong container for this deep work. I had a powerful massage with Chandra to help me connect with a part of me that was holding with fear.

Holistic healer, UK

That session with Chandra went very smoothly. She’s caring and has a very nice touch. I look forward the next session with her.

Engineer, Thailand

Chandra is a highly competent compassionate and intuitive practitioner. She seemed to intuitively know where my body needed to be touched and with what pressure and for how long.

Anonymous, Europe

I had a wonderful session with Chandra and felt very well held and cared for throughout. She has a beautiful soul and great energy.

Anonymous, Thailand

I found the whole experience more enjoyable than I anticipated. I went with an open-mind and left with intrigue to do more. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and for what I feel, helping me to unleash some blocked energies in my energy-field/body – so thank you for that, I am very grateful and wish you a very successful career in this.


Chandra is a gifted bodyworker, healer and facilitator, her gentle presence is loving, wise and connected. From the outset I felt safe, held and excited for the process that was unfolding. The session itself was deeply profound and after it I felt the rare and beautiful glow of expansion and growth having faced and let go of lifelong fears and limitations around my sexuality and issues with intimacy, as well as open and flowing. Tantric massages with Chandra offers a unique opportunity to evolve, mature and work through stuck energy in parts of ourselves that are somewhat hidden and hard to access culturally and in self-development work. I wholeheartedly recommend !

Anonymous, UK