Rebirthing Breathwork Individual

Rebirthing breathwork – it is also called “circular breathing”, is an amazing tool to heal and transform on th physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We all have the capacity to access and utilize the power of our own breath.

By breathing on this particular way, we can activate the body healing mechanism, where the body will finds its own way to transform itself. By the “„body”, we refer to the physical, emotional, mental and even the spiritual components of the human body.

The human body has a tremendous wisdom – the body knows how it to heal and transform itself.  When the right tools and support is provided   – the body can heal itself. 

In the Rebirthing Breathwork, the tool is the breath  and the consciousness is the support. 

Through the practice of Conscious Breathwork, we can experience deep and lasting transformation, on in every level in our bodies even – without knowing what has to be transformed in order to live a happy, fulfilled and joyful life.


1 Sessions

Rebirthing Breathwork Package

Rebirthing Breathwork is an unique methods to transform blockages and unpleasant experiences into love, acceptance, and expansion. As we enter into an expended expanded state of consciousness – induced by the breath,  unlikely to psychotherapy and talking therapy, we gain awareness of the root cause of our challenges. 

To experience lasting and real healing, it is highly recommended to follow the guidance of an experienced facilitator through a series of sessions. Experience shows, that approx. 8 sessions can bring about the desired benefits. 

Packages include customized care and processing, where one can go through their individual issues and, techniques to work through specific mental patterns. Packages hold the option to learn the breathing techniques,  and to be able to practice them on your own.  


3 Sessions

SAVE £15

5 Sessions

SAVE £25

8 Sessions

SAVE £35