Skype Rebirthing

The rebirthing programs I offer is unique for many reasons:

  • Yo receive tools and strategies for a transformation to take place.      
  • We deal with your underlying limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.
  • By acknowledging and transforming limiting beliefs you will be able to create a LASTING change.  A lasting and rapid change.
  • We  approach your life in a holistic way.
  • The areas of your whole life will  benefit from the tools and techniques.
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How does it work?

  • Sessions are held over skype or phone, and last around 2 hours.
  • The approach is very practical. Your receive guidance to support you in taking actions, which provide the greatest benefits.
  • During each session we will discuss and create your “homework” – this is a list of tasks and assignments that will help you anchor the change and transformation in your life.
  • This is one of the crucial aspects of the rebirthing process –  I will help and guide you, but it is YOU who is responsible for taking action.
  • In between sessions I will support you via email, so you can share how you’re doing and ask questions.

A single session

$ 98

  • length: 1.30 hours 
  • can be upgraded to 3 weeks &  7 weeks long program

3 weeks long program

$ 270 SAVE $24

  • one session / week
  • length: 1.30 hours/each time

7 weeks long program

$ 632 SAVE $54

  • one session / week
  • length: 1.30 hours/each time