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You may already be a practitioner of some kind of self-development system or healing technique. If so, you already understand that self-development, or changing our life generally or various situations, is a process. It takes time, patience, and – most of all – requires a regular practice.

Today there are plenty of tools and methodologies to work with, as well as many healers and teachers to choose from. In fact, anything or anyone you decide on can be the perfect option or guide for you.

Many healing or self-development tools can support you to reach your goals. Choose the one you like the most, the one that resonates with you best, and:

- integrate into your life what you have learned from it
- practice it every day
- practice it for a long, long time!

This is the key to your success!
Change doesn’t take place overnight. It takes time to re-program new behaviors, re-integrate ourselves at many levels, and learn new ways of being as well.

At Unlimited You, we invite you to choose from the following consultations or therapies:
- Rebirthing Breathwork
- Changing Belief Systems

I offer different packages to make it easier for you to learn new things about yourself:

1. Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy:
- 1 meeting: EUR 8O,-
- 3 meetings: EUR 21O,-
- 5 meetings: EUR 33O,-

2. Changing Belief Systems
- 1 meeting: EUR 8O/hour
- 3 meetings (1 belief system + 2 Rebirthing sessions): EUR 21O,-
- 5 meetings (2 belief systems + 3 Rebirthing sessions): EUR 33O,-

Rebirthing Breathwork and Changing Belief Systems are both available as private, in-person consultations or via Skype. Either way works perfectly.
For references please read my Testimonials.For more information and bookings:
Phone: Thailand: +66 814 157 045, Hungary:+36 2O 5O4 2131
Skype: polyak.andrea.bp

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