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Rebirthing Breathwork Workshops - Chandra Polyak
What are the topics we focus on during Workshops ?
December 8, 2016
Spontaneous Rebirthing Sessions
Spontaneous Rebirthing
January 24, 2017


Self-Rebirthing Workshop - Tantra Rebirth



An excellent goal for anyone beginning the Rebirthing process is to develop enough facility with the process to produce the results on their own. At some point in the Rebirthing process, virtually everyone becomes able to do this. Memories of birth and other material may continue to come to the surface during Rebirthing sessions for years.

Sometimes people have spontaneous Rebirthing experiences without even knowing what they are doing.

Any Rebirther who has had an active private practice for at least a year has seen things come up in sessions that no one could even imagine. One of the first things a new Rebirther notices is that each person is completely unique to Rebirth. Rebirthers learn to respond intuitively to situations, and we suspect that all Rebirthers are frequently amazed at their own uncanny ability to do the right thing at the right time without the conscious mind figuring anything out.


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