Since my early thrities when I was living in Hungary, I’ve followed my deepest desires and been on the ultimate quest to learn the purpose of life and to live well.

Growing up in the Western world, I consistently received the message that having ‘more’ would satisfy me.

More money, more clothes, more food and on it went like and endless craving monster.

And yet, even when I was ‘overflowing’ with all I could ever need and was able to purchase anything I desired, I hardly ever felt fulfilled.

I was missing the true spice and meaning of life, and I thought that something was wrong with me. Everyone else seemed to have figured out how to lead a happy life – why couldn’t I?

A deeper part of me knew that there had to be a different way.   


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After two decades of cross-continental travel and thousands of hours of studying yoga, tantra, and meditation, I discovered that other way.

I learned that the purpose of life is to enjoy it, and to love.It might sound simple, but in today’s day and age it’s shockingly difficult.​

Because we all grow being conditioned, we have to relearn our natural ways of being.

We need to return to the knowing that we are unique, valuable, and important – and then own, protect and share those qualities.

The world transforms when we embody our deepest love and joy.

And I am here to demystify the process, share with you all I have learned about life and love, and help you return to your birth right of joyful living.

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