Do you desire greater s€xual experiences?

Do you wish for more intimacy and warmth in your relationship?

Are you tired of routine and experience life as grey AND ready to turn that into more joy, pleasure and ecstasy?

What if you could communicate on a playful and fun way – and you actually could get what you need in your relationship?

What if you could become comfortable in expressing your needs and desires, feeling being heard and understood?

Hi, I'm Chandra!

Probably, you are here because not everything looks like in your relationship as you dreamt about.

And even though not everything looks like as you wished for – you are committed to turn it around.

You are committed to your partner.

You want this relationship.

You want to be happier.

You wish:  ’things’ would work better, easier, with more fun and pleasure.

You wish for more quality time, fulfilling s€x and connected intimacy.

You desire change.

You wan’t ecstatic love.

You are ready for depth.

The question is: HOW ? 

I can say with confidence: 

I can support you in finding the path leading to your dreams and desires!

What I can help with:

  • One upon the time your s€x life was active, fun and pleasurable. Unfortunatelly, it became rather dull, routin like…or almost non-existent.


  • Even though intimacy and s€xuality is present in your relationship – it is not quite the experience you dream about. You desire more orgasmic pleasure, excitement, deeper connection…and more often. 

  • You wish to experience more QUALITY time together – more meaningful connections filled with intimacy, having deeper and passionate s€xual explorations, but you don’t know how to create those experiences.It feels like you don’t know where to start, how to communicate your needs and you might be afraid of respond of your partner.


  • As a couple, you desire to learn about tantric s€xuality, experience multiple orgasms and expend towards the depth of sacred s€xuality.
  • Even though you have a partner, you still feel alone. You would like to connect   deeper emotionally, mentally and s€xually. You don’t know how to ’reach’ you partner. You wonder if you are heared, seen and understood within the relationship.
  • Sometimes it feels like you live together with a friend. A good friend though, but rather living a separate life under the same roof. You would like to be more connected, to feel the nourishment, intimacy and love of the relationship.

  • You find communication rather challenging. It feels like you and your partner don’t fully get each other despite the good intentions. This leads to discomfort, tension and disappointment…and potentially to less intimacy.
  • There is not enough time for the both of you. The daily tasks, responsabilities and  children are just overwhelming. You would like to re-structure  time, to find a healthier work-life balance, time for intimacy and s€xuality.

  • Intimacy is great, s€x is working betwen the two of you AND you would like to deepen your intimate, s€xual and emotional connection. You would like to GROW together s€xually. and in love.

This is not a talking therapy!

Probably you would agree with me, that it is NOT possible to learn from books how does it feel like to be in love, or how ecstatic s€x feels like.

Rather…You need to FEEL it! You need to experience it to know what is it like!

Once you experienced it , you will ’understand it. You remember it from deep within from your body.

The same is valid for the type of work I offer here.

You need to feel it.

From within. In your bones. Within your cells.

This is how you will find the answers to your questions.  

Therefore we not ONLY talk about your situation and desired goals – although it is an important PART of the whole.

I also initiate you into techniques, through which you will get in touch with your unique answers.

Tantric and taoist techniques, somatic embodiment, breathwork and cutting edge coaching tools support you in tapping into the wisdom of your own body, helping you to decondition your nervous system around intimacy and s€xuality and open up for the experiences you desire. 

This is how a Relationship Transformation Program looks like:

 We (You and Your partner and myself) create a container together for this type of psycho-s€xual work based upon safety, support, honestly and the desire for evolution.  

The coaching sessions are a  a blend of

  • cutting edge coaching tools,
  • emotional and mental awareness processes,
  • embodiment practices (Tao and tantric tools),
  • trauma healing,
  • tools for growth inself- reflection, focus, presence
  • breathwork, meditation, visualisation,
  • reprogramming unhealthy patterns.


The tools I share with you during these weeks can be applied for a lifetime for further growth and conflict resolution.

You also receive home-play practices to experiment with between two meetings. This will help you to grow together as a couple, to meet each others needs and experience the love, intimacy and s€xuality you both desire. 

This is what you will learn and experience:


  • how to build together (with your partner) a deeper and fulfilling connection,
  • to really listen to, hear and understand your partner;
  • set the stage for thriving sx life,
  • learn to communicate with clarity and empathy,   
  • how to create and stay in balance with feminine & masculine energies (approach, attitude)
  • erotic and sensual connection tools, 
  • tantric and taoist s€x  practices, 
  • how to deal with challenging emotions,
  • release of negative conditioning around love, intimacy, s€xuality (shame, guilt, fear),
  • how to set boundaries while staying lovingly connected to your partner…and more!

Why working with me?

I can support you with my 45+ lifetime experience…and with the experience of hundreds of fulfilled clients.

I have experience both with individuals (1-on-1 session) and with Groups.

I’m a certified S€x, Love and Relationship Coaching by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality ( with Layla Martin), specialised in Women’s Empowerment, Men’s Sexuality and Relationship Transformation.


I have been working since 2010. as a coach, helper, healer, teacher.

Since 2008. I have been practicing tantra yoga.

I have 10 years experience with Rebirthing Breathwork, trauma healing, inner child processes.

To read more about me click HERE

Relationship Transformation Program


  • 15 coaching sessions (1.5 hours/sessions) online, via zoom
  • 5 months Relationshipship container (3 meetings/month) OR
  • 7 months Relationship container (2 meetings/month)
  • The recording of each meeting to re-watch it
  • Written summary of the sessions via email


  • Suggested homepractices ffter each meeting 
  • Email communication between meetings is available 
  • Embodiment, sensuality, s€xuality, connection and communication tools for home practice
  • Price: EUR 3100 / Program / Couple (can be paid in 2 installments) 

What is next?

Book a DISCOVERY CALL to see if this opportunity is right for you.
The Discovery Call is a 30 min. long, free, online meeting to get
to know each other and exchange information.

Check the availability by email:
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