Making a relationship work is not a rocket science.

It takes acquiring the right skills!


Are you longing for deeper connection and intimacy in your relationship?

Do you crave more passion and excitement?

Are you ready to reignite the spark and experience greater joy and fulfillment with your partner?


Hi, I'm Chandra!


If your relationship isn’t anything you hoped for, but you are committed to make it better, I’m here to help you.  

I’m a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach with tons of experience from over a decade of helping couples from around the globe, both live and online.

I can guide you to uncover the path to to deeper connection, fulfilling love and lasting intimacy. 

These tools can even rekindle the sexual spark.

However, many of use never learn these tools, leading relationships to naturally decline over time due routine and a lack of know-how.

That’s where I come in – I’m teaching you these simple yet potent tools to transform your relationship.

I bring over 45+ years of lifetime experience,  along insights gained from hundreds of fulfilled clients.

My expertise extends to both individual (1on1) and group settings.

As a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach, accredited by The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I specialize in Women’s Empowerment, Men’s Sexuality and Relationship Transformation.

My journey in coaching, healing and teaching began in 2010. I have been walking the path of personal development, tantra yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc. since 2005. 

With a decade of experience in Rebirthing breathwork, trauma healing, inner child work I’m dedicated to guiding you towards transformative growth.

Click HERE to learn more about me.  

What can I help with:

  • Rekindling the passion and excitement in your sex life, making it vibrant and fulfilling once again,  
  • Enhancing the intimacy and depth of connection in your relationship, creating more meaningful and passionate experiences together,

  • Learning tantric practices to expand your sexual horizons, and deepen your connection with your partner,  

  • Improving communication and understanding between you and your partner, so that you can express your needs and desires openly and effectively, 
  • Overcoming challenges such as feeling disconnected, living like roommates, or struggling to find time for each other,

  • Developing tools for emotional and sexual growth as a couple, fostering a deep bond and a more satisfying relationship. 

Establish a new way of relating!

This isn’t your typical talk therapy!

You can’t learn how it feel to be in love, or experience ecstatic sex from a book.

You have to feel it, to experience it in your bones, in your cells! 

That is what my coaching is about! 

It is experiential, not just talking.

For instance, rather than just discussing your relationship goals, we dive into techniques like Tantric and Taoist practices, somatic embodiment and breathwork.

These methods help you to access your body’s wisdom, breaking free from old patterns, and opening up to the love and intimacy you desire.  

With this approach you will establish a new way of relating with each other, creating a bubble of love, intimacy and passion. 

I will share tips, tricks and tools for planning interesting and romantic date nights that you will always remember. 

There memorable days and nights will create lasting bonds of love and intimacy. 

In this Program you will learn and experience:

  • Creating and sustaining a deep and fulfilling connection,
  • Truly listening to, hear and understand your partner,
  • Setting the stage for thriving sex life,
  • Communicating with clarity and empathy,   
  • Balancing feminine & masculine energies in approach and attitude,
  • Exploring erotic and sensual connection tools, 
  • Practicing Tantric and Taoist tool for intimate sexuality,  
  • How to stay connected despite challenging emotions,
  • Releasing shame, guilt and fear surrounding love, intimacy and sexuality,
  • How to set boundaries while maintaining a  loving connected to each other….

'Elevate Your Love and Intimacy as a Couple' Coaching Options

3 sessions

15 sessions

1 session

  • Available only 1 time, for first-time clients, with the option to upgrade to a 15-session package
  • Each session last 1.5 hours and conducted online, via zoom
  • Recording and summary after each session for review and learning
  • Personalized tools and practices for home for deepening transformation 
  • Package valid up to 3 months
  • Each last 1.5 hours and conducted online, via zoom
  • Recording of each zoom meeting
  • Summary of sessions for review and learning
  • Suggested home practices, personalized tools to build a learning curve, support transformation and deepen integration
  • Package valid up to 9 months
  • A payment plan of 2 installments is available 
  • Available for returning clients after completing the 15 sessions package
  • 1.5 hours long
  • Conducted online, via zoom

Ready to explore if this opportunity is right for you?

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