Hello, I'm Chandra!

My purpose in life is to BE AT SERVICE.

Being at service means for me to support each and everyone of my clients to discover their authentic power, to heal and align with their personal and professional desires.

As a s€x, love and relationship coach I support guide my clients to discover within how to create the fulfilling, loving, and passionate life  they wish to experience.

I’m a Rebirthing Breathwork Specialist and a Relationship, Sexuality & Empowerment coach.

Check out this page for data, such as studies and experiences HERE.

Therapeutic coaching is a
6 months long committment...

Get prepared for a PROFOUND and LASTING transformation!
  • Includes 12 coaching sessions.
  • 1.5 hrs / session (online, via zoom).
  • 2 meetings / month accomodating your schedule.
  • Each meeting is recorded for you to re-watch.
  • Summary of each meeting is sent by email (word doc.).
  • Suggested home practices for integration.
  • Guided audio practices for deepening your transformation.
  • Email support between sessions.

You will experience shifts in these areas:

  • Knowing yourself (your worth, values, needs).
  • Trust (yourself, your skills, intuition, others, life).
  • Believing in yourself (deservingness, worthiness).
  • Safety (boundaries).
  • Communication (clear, effective, kind, open). 
  • The capacity to listen and take in the oppinion of others.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Personal power (owning your power, how to use it).
  • Purpose and your relationship vision.
  • Biological family, collegues, friends.
  • Romantic relationships.

What can I help you with:


  • Become confident and feminine. 
  • Get beyond the pattern of toxic relationships and get ready for real connection.
  • Find the balance between strenght and softness. 
  • Becoming orgasmic, or even multi orgasmic!
  • Increase your sensitivity (intuition, body sensations, s€xual sensations)-
  • How to create safety in relationships.
  • Surrender and remain sovereign.
  • Healing ancestral lineage.
  • Feeling empowered.
  • Communication.
  • Setting and keeping boundaries.
  • S€xual empowerment.
  • Overcome depression, anxiety.
  • Healing emotionally feeling stuck, numb, alone.


  • Align with your authentic masculine expression, (beyond your ancestral lineage, culture and society).
  • Finding the balance between feminine and masculine qualities within.
  • Healing father wounding.
  • Presence, focus, clarity, direction, purpose.
  • Learning to take control of your sexual energy.
  • Healthy relating.
  • Setting and keeping boundaries.
  • Healing your heart from past relationships.
  • Overcome depression, anxiety, confusion.
  • Increase your sensitivity.
  • Becoming comfortable w/emotions (yours and others).
  • Learn to express your emotions.

Tools you will learn with me:

  • Emotional mastery. 
  • Digesting and integrating stuck emotions. 
  • Various breathwork practices for empowerment and healing.
  • Tantric practices for learning to controll sexual energy.
  • A mindset reset!!!
  • Visualisation + breathwork for healing your heart.
  • Tools for setting and keeping boundaries.
  • Emphatic and effective communication skills.
  • Self-expression.
  • Tantric and taois embodiment practices.
  •      Energy practices.
  • How to handle conflicts and stay connected. 
  • Tools to heal the ‘inner child’.
  • Cutting cords from ancestral imprints.

Clients say about the work:

Does it sound like what you desire in your life?
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A discovery call is a 30 min. long online meeting to check if we are a fit for this work.
It is a free of charge call via zoom.

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