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Hello, my name is Chandra.

Have you ever wondered what the SECRET is of people who seem to have it all figured out?

Those who live the life of their dreams, have a career they enjoy and financial abundance, are physically healthy and vital…and on top of it all have a fulfilling love life?


Most of these people were not born with it all.

They had a vision…and they created it.  

Some didn’t even have a vision but they DESIRED something MORE. They believed that having an exceptional life is possible.



What I believe in...


Everyone deserves to live a life well lived and the true beauty is that as we return to love, we become the change we want to see; we become the revolution.

I have spent many years supporting women and men to discovery their power, purpose, deepest values and gifts.   

It is my passion and gift to guide others to claim their power and to become conscious leaders of their love and professional life.

The world needs conscious leadership and love. The presence and contribution of every single of us matters!

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The good news is you don't need to figure it all out by yourself!

Learning to create THE LIFE you deeply desire is a process of transformation, not guesswork.

There is a science to living a harmonious, fulfilling and accomplished life and relating lovingly. 

Just like regular physical exercise and choosing healthy nourishment leads to vitality and a long life – awareness of your body, mastery of the power of your mind, owning your emotions and the ability to communicate effectively leads to respectful, honest and vibrant relationships.

And this is what we all want in life:

  • to feel good,
  • to know we’re loved,
  • to live our purpose,
  • to cultivate true relationships
  • to be welcomed, accepted and valued just as we are.

Deep down in your heart, do you know you want the same?
If the answer is 'YES' check out my offerings bellow!


The Breathwork Weekend is and INTENSIVE Workshop:

  • Hosted monthly,
  • Online, via zoom,  
  • Bringing transformation around a particular topic  (love, self-love, purpose, empowerment,etc).


If you know deep within that you want to experience the fullness of your sexuality, your femininity and your life; this is the right program for you!

If you desire to transform youR bedroom into a place of pleasure, fulfilment and excitement this program can support you in reaching these desires.

I welcome you to join this safe container to learn to connect to the sacred, mystical and primal nature of your feminine essence!


Do you want to make a REAL difference and contribute to other people life’s while doing what you like and thrive financially?

Conscious Breathwork is acknowledged for its transformational power. The field is in great need of qualified, talented and inspiring facilitators. This is Your invitation to become one of them!

The Facilitator Training is an extended learning and in-depth preparation to become an empowered Facilitator.


The 1-on-1 coaching work is conscious and compassionate container to support you in becoming the partner, lover and leader you  always wanted to be.

It is available to any men and women who truly desire to grow, evolve and transform into their vision to create fulfilling relationships and a deeply meaningful life.

During this personalised program I support my clients to feel empowered, to bring freedom in their self expression and create the relationships their desire.

Topics we can work on together:

  • [email protected]
  • Intimicy
  • Love / Romance / Dating
  • Self-expression, self-confidence
  • Purpose, Direction, Docus
  • Relationships (romantic, professional)

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