Walk on the path of self-discovery into ecstatic living, fulfillment, freedom and empowerment.



I am Chandra, and I am here to help you remember how unique you are and reconnect to the power, creativity and abundance of your real nature.

I am here to support you on the path of self-discovery, guide you beyond conditioning into freedom, spontaneity and authentic self-expression.

Chandra is the creatrix of the TantraRebirth system, a powerful model of self-development. This system begins with Rebirthing, Breathwork and Tantra at its core and incorporates potent and very effective methods from movement practices, energy work, therapeutic group processes, shamanic practices and tantric rituals.

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Spontaneous Rebirthing   Spontaneous Rebirthing means Rebirthing while being engaged in another activity. There are some things that will tend


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“Chandra’s workshop was interesting, intense and very healing.
It pushed my boundaries in a way that is necessary for growth and I felt triumphant and
uplifted afterwards.
I highly recommend it – I learnt so much!”



“Fabolous, great work!
I have felt heavy and emotional, but had some really good rlease. And I can feel/see clearer
about things now.
The Workshop deffinitely seemed to reach and tap into some deep emotion and fear.”



“Chandras Tantra Workshop is a deeply powerful and liberating experience where we spend
a day and a half exploring what pleasure means and discovering beauty and innocence in
tantric sexuality.
Uncoscious negative beliefs and hidden patterns are realised and transformed through
affirmation and group sharing.
I lfet feeling empowered and truly in my feminine power.
I highly recommend attending and see for yourself.”



Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance and yoga teacher. As an intuitive medium, healer, coach and facilitator of courses on self-development, inner child healing and traditional tantric arts, Chandra empowers people to expand into their unique potential, greater love and purpose.

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