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Walk on the path of self-discovery into ecstatic living, fulfillment, freedom and empowerment.



I am Chandra, and I am here to help you remember how unique you are and reconnect to the power, creativity and abundance of your real nature.

I am here to support you on the path of self-discovery, guide you beyond conditioning into freedom, spontaneity and authentic self-expression.

TantraRebirth is a powerful model of self-development. This system begins with Rebirthing, Breathwork and Tantra at its core and incorporates potent and very effective methods from movement practices, energy work, therapeutic group processes, shamanic practices and tantric rituals.

Services I Offer

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing breathwork is one of the most potent techniques available for personal growth. It is a powerful self-healing modality anyone can practice, integrating uniquely effective tools into a structured approach.

Type of Breathwork programs

Key benefits:

  • release of stress, trauma
  • emotional balance, a sense of calm
  • empowerment a sense of calm
  • selse of calm

About Chandra

  • I have been running Workshops since 2011
  • I have trained with the Master of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr
  • I am an emotional intuitive, and even able to help  with cases such as ephilepsy, migrane, sexual abuse

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Tantra workshops, events and treatments

Tantra has changes my life.  Since I can remember I have had daydreams  about magic, mystical rituals,  sisterhood and brotherhood, sacred sexuality. For a very long time I thought, that is was an unrealistic, wishfull thinking – until I came across the science of Tantra. I have learned that those unrealistic dreams can become real experiences.

Type of Tantra programs:

Healing sessions

Personalised approach to support you on your path of healing and transformation, tailored to your unique needs.

Type of sessions:

  • Breathwork 1-to-1
  • Healing the inner child 
  • De-armoring tantric bodywork
  • Emotional and mental deconditioning

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My promise to You


This is a tried and tested method. It WORKS!

You will experience a transformation in your life.  

You will feel empowered, and ready to continue your journey.

You can tap into the natural healing system of your body.

You will be leaving with a sense of knowing, calm and balance.  

Your life will unfold at ease, your relationships will blossom !

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Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance and yoga teacher. As an intuitive medium, healer, coach and facilitator of courses on self-development, inner child healing and traditional tantric arts, Chandra empowers people to expand into their unique potential, greater love and purpose.

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