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Self-Rebirthing Workshop - Tantra Rebirth
January 24, 2017
Rebirthing Breathwork for Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
Non-ordinary States of Consciousness
September 22, 2017

Spontaneous Rebirthing

Spontaneous Rebirthing Sessions

Spontaneous Rebirthing


Spontaneous Rebirthing means Rebirthing while being engaged in another activity.

There are some things that will tend to be activated while you are engaging in your regular activities rather than while you are lying down for a session. You can even rebirth while being in any other activity, provided you are good enough at the technique.

  • Usually slow, full circular breathing is best. You can do this kind of breathing in the presence of almost anyone without them consciously noticing that you are doing anything. It is also the kind of breathing that usually best facilitates coming into your patterns of energy.
  • Relax every muscle that you are not using for what you are doing.
  • Bring yourself completely into the present, as though this is the only moment that exists. Often, during periods of heightened activation, you will experience a strong desire to do whatever you usually do to suppress the emotion that is coming up.
  • Stay on purpose. You can integrate a pattern of energy even while you are engaging in whatever you usually do to suppress it.


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