Experience a bespoke Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training

exclusively crafted for private students seeking personalized

guidance and the convenience of online learning.


Following the fundamental teachings of Leonard Orr, the Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, 

this accredited 400+ hour training is endorsed by the British Rebirth society.

Designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, meetings and sessions are scheduled to fit your time zone and commitments.


THIS FACILITATOR Training is a program of personal evolution.

You will learn and experience:

  • The elements of Rebirthing Breathwork both in theory and practice;
  • Solid understanding of Conscious Connected Breath;
  • A shift in your mindset from fear, lack and limitations into joy, contentment and power; 
  • Healing emotional wounding; 
  • Somatic embodiment for trauma release and integration;
  • Deconditioning from childhood programming;
  • Empowering embodiment practices; 
  • Reconnect to and embrace the Inner Feminine/Masculine. 
Rebirthing Breathwork

This is an 8-month long journey of transformation, where breathwork intertwines with coaching tools rooted in love, intimacy and relationships.

AS YOU GROW at a personal level, you will learn how to guide others in their own transformation.

This program is an intense process of self-discovery covering areas such as:  

  • Abundance mindset and money matrix;
  • Opening up to channeling capacities;
  • Boundaries and attachment theory;
  • Finding your inner guidance;
  • How to break the chain of limitations;
  • Inner work for healthy and joyful relationships;
  • Healing your timeline incl. conception, birth, childhood, puberty.
Rebirthing Facilitator Training

Benefit from years of expertise in facilitation, ensuring your success with a professional and intuitive approach alongside with cutting-edge coaching tools.

YOU WILL also learn the professional skills required to become a qualified Facilitator. 

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Practicum sessions to grow into a skillfull Facilitator;
  • Guidelines of a high-quality Rebirthing;
  • The role of a Rebirther and its ethical codes;
  • Self-care as a Facilitator;
  • Holding space, being present, mirroring;
  • How to build a client base;
  • How to start your own business as a Facilitator;
  • Good structure of healing session;
  • The difference between group and 1-on-1 sessions. 
Conscious Breathwork
Rebirthing Training

I'm here to empower you to find your voice as a Facilitator!

This program is for You if you:

  • Feel called and inspired to serve others as a guide in their transformation;
  • Would like to learn about authentic Rebirthing, as thought by it’s Founder Leonard Orr;
  • Are interested in Breathwork as a healing tool;
  • Curious to learn how ’embodiment’ can meet Breathwork;
  • Want to learn a successful approach to emotional and trauma healing;  
  • Expand your toolkit as a coach, light worker, facilitator or instructor of other modalities;
  • Are excited to learn about somatic experiencing;
  • Want to learn coaching tools for empowerment, healing, transformation.

The training incorporates principles of classical tantra to solidify personal growth and foster evolution.

About me and how I am qualified to offer this program

I have studied:

  • Rebirthing Breathwork with it’s founder Leonard Orr,  (USA, 2011 & 2013.)
  • Holotropic breathwork for 3 years.
  • Transpersonal Psychology in Hungary (3 years)
  • Hatha yoga, tantra yoga, feminine embodiment (900+hours);
  • Traditional tantra and the art havan (fire) in India;
  • Sex, Love & Relationships coaching (Institute of Integrated Sexuality);

About my experience:

  • I have been facilitating successful  workshops since 2011;
  • I have been training facilitators since 2015;
  • I’m an accredited member of the British Rebirth Society;
  • I specialize in “inner child” healing;
  • My yogic and tantric studies support and ground me during this work;
  • High level of intuition helps me to apply the necessary tools for your personal transformation.

What's included in this 8 month transformational container?

  • Live calls with guided practices, 2 times each month;
  • The replay of each call;
  • Audios, Videos, inspiring documents for home study;
  • Theory and practice of Rebirthing Breathwork breathwork essentials, inner child healing, birth trauma, empowerment practices.
  • 1-on-1 coaching  sessions with Chandra;
  • Personal guidance and mentoring;
  • Practicum guidance and feedback.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact me to discuss potential starting dates tailored to your schedule and to discover how this program can support your growth.

Email:[email protected]

Payment options:

EUR 4800.-

4 x EUR 1250.-

9 x EUR 560.-

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is suitable for anyone with or without a breathwork experience. 

The guided breathwork sessions are structured in such a way, that anyone can join it, enjoy it and benefit from it.

Interactive calls, and  coaching call ensure your success in transformation.

Your home practice is supported by videos, audios and written information.  

You do start right here with this Program! 

You will be able to guide, high quality 1-on-1 Rebirthing Breathwork and emotional healing sessions.

As you grow into an experienced facilitator, eventually you will be able to hold group sessions with safety as well. 


You will be knowledgeable, confident and empowered to start giving 1-on-1 sessions.

This program will fit your personal needs of healing, transformation and evolution.

You are welcome to join the program without any previous breathwork or healing experience. The program is a step-by-step guidance on breathwork, mental&emotional healing, inner child healing, leading into becoming an empowered facilitator. We start with the transformation from the basics. You will be able to follow it along.

We apply Rebirthing Breathwork during this program.

Holotropic breathwork isn’t part of the curriculum.

However, there are other types of breathwork practices, mainly from the tantric tradition, which are used here as an additional tool to Rebirthing Breathwork.

We apply the technique of  Rebirthing Breathwork, which is a quite specific approach to evolution and personal transformation. I am sure, that you can benefit from this course both on personal and professional level. 

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