The Rebirthing System

Rebirthing is known by many names: Rebirthing Breathwork, Conscious Breathing, Intuitive Breathing, Energy Breathing, others. However, all of these names integrate the same system concepts:

  • Breathing air as energy
  • Unraveling the birth-death cycle, and incorporating the body and mind into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit.

Rebirthing is a self-healing system
Conscious Breathing uses air, water, and fire as purification elements provided by the Universe, in addition to regular fasting, physical exercise, nutrition, and purification methods representing the earth element. In conjunction, awareness training teaches practitioners to master and discipline the mind in order to filter and transform lower mental substreams into higher-quality thoughts and thought-patterns. These are the most direct ways to achieve your desired outcomes in life.

Rebirthing is based on the following four principles

Connected Breathing
The human breath contains the most powerful healing potential within us. Learning to breathe energy from air is the key to its healing power. The energy drawn from air is known by different names in different traditions: prana, chi, or ki. This life force is usually absorbed through the lungs but also through the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

Spiritual psychology
The mind and breath are the king and queen of human consciousness. The mind – or to be more specific, our thoughts – determine all of our outcomes. It can truly be said, “I am what I think,” and therefore, that “I will become what I think.” The mind can be a source of joy or sorrow, pain or pleasure, and it will certainly determine your well-being depending on its disposition.

Discipline is crucial to the process of bringing harmony to the mind, which will in turn lead to the manifestation of abundance, health, and happiness. Through discipline we experience freedom. Developing and integrating thoughts with training brings you more into harmony with your own truth, center, and ultimately, the Universal Truth. However, in all of this, it is important to remember that an unruly mind is a hazard….

Creative thinking
Creative thinking takes place when the process of one’s newfound mind and thought discipline is harnessed and mastered, to now begin working for you and never again against you. This new life expertise is fully assimilated such that your inherent divinity manifests completely in the mind and body. Redundant belief patterns are now expelled, further allowing the complete integration of body and spirit into their peak potential.

Spiritual purification
This can be as simple as sitting by an open fire. Fire cannot be contaminated like the other elements and it purifies itself while it purifies other things. Of course, churches use fire purification in the form of burning candles.

The founder of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr, said of these purification methods: “Spiritual practices with air, water, fire, and earth are the secrets to the everlasting life of health and youthfulness in the body.”

The integration of the elements is a positive and certain healing method and it is the perfect complement to the other of our healing methods: breath, spiritual psychology, and creative thinking. Each of these techniques is a healing force in itself, and their benefits, successes, and accomplishments are well documented in both ancient and modern times. What would previously have taken many years of therapy is now obtained during a relatively few short treatments.

The Rebirthing system brings all these spheres together to provide you with the solution to your quest for completeness, renewal, and total realignment with your true and flawless self.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.“ – Hippocrates

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