Aligning with your nature – through Rebirthing

“Human traumas disconnect us from our true nature.”

Let’s take a closer look at the complexity of this sentence. To gain an understanding of its message, let us divide it into two parts.

As this quote is from Leonard Orr, the founder of the Rebirthing system, let’s see what Rebirthers mean to say by this sentence, and especially by “our true nature”….

Can you recall any memories of sensations during or after your Yoga or meditation practice when you experienced a deeper level of calmness and balance, or when after spiritual practice of any kind it seemed like your movements were slowing down, maybe even that the speed of your whole environment seemed to have slowed down?

Or can you remember one of those special moments when there was a trembling sensation in the very core of your being invoked by a sense of deep understanding or connection to another human, regardless of gender? You may have reached remarkable mental, emotional, or spiritual states during intimate connection with another or lovemaking with your beloved. Or you may have experienced some extraordinary states while being engaged in your favorite hobby or creatively immersed in an activity.

During any of these experiences – states in which you felt so alive and whole, expansive, ready for action, full of love and appreciation for the human existence – you may suddenly have come up with a creative solution to a challenging situation, or felt that you could move mountains, nothing could stop you, or that without a doubt you could make all of your desires come true. Any of these experiences or feelings could be categorized as an expression of your true nature. That is what you are and that is who you are! That balanced, capable-of-anything, powerful, unstoppable energy you are. The embodiment of that everlasting energy.

There are different ways of experiencing the quality of our true nature. It can be more physical, where you may feel energetic, alive, active, and ready for action. Or it may be an emotional experience where you have a feeling of happiness and joy for no reason, or you are in love with your life or the entire universe.

It could be a mental experience where you take life as it is, without any effort , where you can see the beauty even in those small details which would be more disappointing on other days.

Or it could be a spiritual experience where you just want to sit in meditation for hours, enjoying the state of your being, where it feels like meditation is the highest joy and deepest satisfaction and you just want to drink from its cup instead of being engaged in worldly activities.

Any of these feelings or sensations is a sign that we are experiencing our true nature. Depending on your background, family history, education, and conditioning, you may experience that state spontaneously and frequently, or it can take more of an effort to touch upon it, a specific practice to follow through with on a regular if not daily basis.

Isn’t it strange that even as we call those feelings and sensations signs of our true nature, we normally experience them only with effort, if at all. Shouldn’t the state of our true nature be a daily experience, perceived easily and engulfing us for the length of our days?

Even though our true nature is that of peace, balance, joy, and happiness, we are not always in that state, and if we are, we don’t usually come to be there organically. We need to do something to get there, a practice of some sort. We need to educate and condition ourselves to be in that state – stepping into it and staying in it.


Where are we spending most of our days, our time, if not in that state of “unlimited being-ness”?
The answer relies on the first part of the opening sentence: “Human traumas disconnect us from our true nature.”

We all live on this planet with experiences of pain and suffering carried in our heart. Nobody has escaped these experiences. That pain and suffering is related to some events where we felt disapproved of, let down, criticized, neglected, ridiculed, abandoned, rejected… the list could go on and on. The number and intensity of those traumatic events depends on your personal history, your upbringing, the condition of your environment, and your support network, such as family and school. By traumas we don’t necessarily refer to major, horrific events. It can be a simple sentence overheard from a significant member of your family, it can be the unpleasant behavior of someone close to us. It can be something you experienced at the physical, emotional, mental, or energetic level, maybe as a result of the actions of another or an event, after which you closed down the full expression of your true self in a certain way in order to protect yourself from further traumatic (negative) experiences. As we move through life we are all exposed to experiences such as those listed above to some extent. Every time we receive a dose of negativity, our light – the light of our “true nature” – gets dimmed down a bit. Bit by bit we lose the connection to “our true nature,” and it seems that we are not the embodiment of that light anymore, or at least not to its fullest extent. We might feel down, sad, depressed, lost, or confused. With time we can get so used to those states that lack light that we start to believe that this is what we are – this is the way we are determined to live our life – and we forget that those states are only temporary experiences.

As these negative states and feelings are not part of your true nature, but only part of your life experiences, we can transform them and let them go. By letting them go, we can come back to the experience of our true nature, to the aliveness in our body.

Rebirthing is one effective method which can help you realign with that true nature of yours.

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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