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Liberation from Family Dynamic, July 2021

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Welcome to the Course of Healing the Inner Child.

We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us.

The Inner Child refers to the part of each one of us, which is ultimately 🔸alive,🔸energetic, 🔸creative, 🔸playful, 🔸innocent, 🔸open, 🔸curious.

The Inner Child, and the qualities of it are our REAL Self – who we truly are.

The Inner Child is the 🔹PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL🔹 energy we carry within us. She/He is generally the source of most of our complexes.

However, there is little 🔹conscious awareness🔹 how to relate to that child within.

Only a few of us realise that many:


👉emotional and

👉relationship difficulties stem from the history of the child within.

The main focus and aim of this Course is to clean out and transform the history of  the Inner Child into love, harmony, abundance, peace and joy.


Welcome! I am really glad to see you here, and support you throughout  this fundamental transformation!

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