How many Rebirthing session do I need?

An often occurring question from clients:

How many Rebirthing sessions do I need to receive?


In general, 1O breathing sessions are recommended to receive from a Rebirthing Professional, because it is what most people need to unblock their breath and develop the capacity to Rebirth themselves. From then on the person will be able to use this tool every time it is needed. It is not advisable to attempt to unlock the breath alone.


The main aim of the first 1O breathing sessions:

  • Unblock the respiratory mechanism (breath release),
  • Get past tetany, (physical tension),
  • Release the emotional drama.


What is breath release?


The breath release – reliving the moment of the first breath – is the main event in learning to breathe energy as well as air. It liberates the breathing mechanism. Nobody knows exactly when it will happen, and it cannot be induced.  Statistically, the breathing release happens between the first five and 1O sessions. However, in some cases it may happen much later.

As the breathing mechanism becomes unblocked, the Rebirthee is released from tensions and unresolved emotions that were suppressed in the corresponding areas of the body.


What is tetany?


Tetany is a symptom, that can be brought on by a variety of conditions.

Tetany is characterized by muscle cramps, spasms or tremors. These repetitive actions of the muscles happen when your muscle contracts uncontrollably. Tetany may occur in any muscle in your body, in your face, hands and fingers or feet, calves. In tetany, all of the nerve cells in the body are activated, which then stimulate the muscles. This reaction causes spasms or cramps throughout the body.

It happens by some practitioners that symptoms of tetany occur during Rebirthing sessions. The experience of tetany  diminishes as moving forward within a series of Sessions, and eventually subsides after a few Sessions.

It is sometimes said that tetany caused during Rebirthing sessions due hyperventillation or intense breathing. If the breathing or the technique itself were the cause of the tetany symptom, one would expect to always develop the tetany when applying this type of breathing.

Experience shows that tetany subsides when the practitioner has learned to relax into the occuring sensations and experiences (physical, emotional, mental) during the Rebirthing sessions, and developed a sense of letting go, letting go of fear, anxiety, and surrender to the experience itself. Morover, during Rebirthing one practices a relaxed, calm breathing rythm, which is consciously controlled, so it has nothing similare to an intense type of breathing nore to hyperventillation.

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