Rebirthing – a Tool into Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

Rebirthing is a potent tool for transformation, evolution and healing. As a complete system on the path of personal and transpersonal growth, Rebirthing integrates various tools, which are already potent on their own. One of the core practices of Rebirthing is breath work, which is more specifically a practice of a conscious-connected breathing pattern.

How does Rebirthing breathwork practice serves us on the evolution and transformation?

Normal breathing is involuntary in nature. Even if we do not pay attention to our breathing, it just happens on its own while regulated by the nervous system. Actually, the rythm, length and depth of our breathing flow depends on our emotional, mental and physical state. We have a different way of breathing when being relaxed compared to being tensed. Our emotional and mental state has its reflexion in the breathing and different breathing patterns envoke different states of consciousness, and vice versa. When emotional, mental level changes our breathing pattern changes with it as well.

Respiration can also be controlled to some extent as per our will. We can make changes in depth and duration of inhalation or exhalation. This is called conscious breathing.

Since breathing pattern is different depending on different emotional, mental and consciousness levels, our breathing pattern has an impact on every level of our existence; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Conscious breathing

Conscious breathing has varying effects on different levels at the same time on the physical, emotional and mental level. As the breathing pattern changes the level of the consciousness changes with it. In other words through the changes of the breathing we experience an alternated state of consciousness called non-ordinary state of consciousness. During non-ordinary states of consciousness, the lower part of the brains that govern emotion and survival express their contents. This experience brings into awareness our unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, and also insights into the relationship with our body, ourselves and our world.

Can I evolve by practicing conscious breath?

Breathwork for Inner Peace

When we consciously breathe with awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues. This frees up much of energy previously tied up in negative emotions, thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

Pain can appear from the physical level and be transformed into pleasant sensations. Negative emotions can surface and be accepted and integrated into our various levels of consciousness. We may also have insight on the spiritual aspects of our life.


How the Rebirthing experience looks/feels like?

Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Training

Participants may experience, in a catharticpurge, long-suppressed responses to situations from the past, releasing long-held negative emotional residue. They may have profound insights into the roots of their disorder in a meditative stillness. These may include experiences that can recalibrate long-held ideas, and participants can redefine themselves after such events, introducing new understanding with the potential for significant behavioral changes. Emotions can have a wide range and content of these experiences is often spiritual or mystical, feelings of oneness with nature, other people, universe, God and archetypical experience.

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