Re-Learn Love & Intimacy Retreat

With Breathwork and Tantric Embodiment practices 

  • Doesn’t 2023 feel like the perfect time to finally start living the life you desire?
  • This is the 2.0 version of my offerings – which came alive after many years of personal practice,  teaching and 2 years of solitude.


NEXT  DATES – Thailand / Koh Phangan

1st week only: 23-28.01.2023

All 3 weeks: 23.01-11.02.2023

Let's be practical here!
How do you actually create the life you desire?

There are only a few things you need:

Knowing yourself & your desires,
Loving and accepting yourself & these desires,
Empowering yourself.

Love is the foundation of your fulfillment!
Intimacy with Yourself (body + heart + mind) is key to authentic self-expression!

Would you like to...

Do you know: you are unique, powerful and capable of anything? don't feel that way.
Maybe you do sometimes, but still, from time to time, experience lack, doubt, confusion of direction and anxiety?



And then, slowly, bit by bit, over the years, we lose our capacity to live fully.

We listen to the stories of our environemt (family, school, culture, media, religion…)

And we disconnect from our essence and inner source. We wonder about our purpose…TRYING to BE happy, to get into the FLOW. 


With boundaries, 
with messy relationships,
an unfulfilling job and
to find our path. 

But there is an INNER SOURCE, an inner well that holds all the answers you seek.

There is an inner sanctuary where you can connect to an endless well of love, self-worth, wholeness, and personal power.

EVERYONE has access to this source. It is entirely YOURS.

And I can teach you how to get there.

The Source...

The above is needed to live with personal integrity
and to have the courage to pursue your dreams!

Breakthroughs you will experience:

This is a transformative, healing & empowering retreat.
With limited number of participants.
Apply below to be one!

No matter where you are at...

Man or woman, single or in a partnership,
in these confusing times re-learning love & intimacy is
essential, a MUST!

Retreat admin details:

This is a personal development Retreat.
If you wish to become a Breathwork Facilitator, you start here!

About me


Hi, my name is Chandra. I am a holistic love, intimacy and s€xuality coach, a Rebirthing Breahtwork expert, a tantric yoga practitioner, a mystic, a coach-leader-guide-initiator. 

I empower both women and men  to fully embody their power, sovereignty and joy.  

It all started about 15 years ago, when I began reconnecting to the wisdom of my body through yoga, tantric practices, and breathwork. I started eating simple foods and listening to my body’s intuition.

I began to hear my own voice underneath all the noise of the world.

I began – more and more – to live my truth. 

Through tuning into my own truth, the wisdom of my body, and the power of my femininity my life has completely transformed. I went from running a successful business and burning out in Budapest Hungary,  to I help others awaken to their truth. My time is divided between Europe and Asia, where I host live&online programs and coach a handfull  of clients on a 1:1 base. 

A real, foundamental and lasting change is possible for you, too.  I walk my clients through such a transformation each and every day.   Are you ready to see what is possible for you? I can’t wait to connect.

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Some of the powerful tools we apply:

Clients say about the work:

If you feel the call, apply now to
join us!

Email: [email protected]
I only work with a small, intimate groups!

1st Week

1-3 Weeks



Yes, absolutaly! You can join even without any previous Breathwork experience! 

You start right here, and continue with Stage 2 and Stage 3 programs to become a facilitator.

This is a ‘personal development’ program. You will feel rejuvenated, uplifted, transformed!

Embodiment practices may entail movement, sounding, breath – to support you in connecting on such a level to your body, that you discover the wisdom of your body. This is a deeply transformative, healing (somatic) and intuitive experience.

Classical-tantric fire ceremonies are a form of rituals, where we use the transformative power of the fire, while chanting mantras. Fire ceremonies benefit you in clearing and transforming on a rather mystical way. 

The focus is not on Inner Child healing, but for surely some questions and topics to discover will come up around that as well! Participants bring their own questions due life experience, and we will include that into the daily practices.

No, it does not. We practice Rebirthing Breathwork.

Yes, you will be able to do your breathwork session at home, for continous transformation.

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