Resolving Life’s Challenges through Rebirthing

Resolving Life’s Challenges through Rebirthing

Most of our challenges are rooted in our development during the prenatal phase of our lives, and specifically in the experiences we were exposed to during labor and birth.
We generally don’t have an awareness of the impact this period had on our quality of life or the influence it holds in: governing our thinking, affecting our ability to make decisions, controlling tendencies or inabilities to cooperate and collaborate, conducting our relations and creating relationships, expressing our creativity, enjoying and fully blossoming in our sexual lives/sexuality, attaining success, and finding fulfillment in a career.

The Rebirthing system highlights the repetitive patterns in our lives, unlocking and breaking the power of these sometimes complex habits and systems. In most cases these issues have their source in our emotional blueprint, established during the prenatal period, labor, birth, and early childhood.



Accordingly, after only a couple of Rebirthing sessions, fundamental changes are set into motion, and – usually within 1O Rebirthing sessions – most traumas rooted in birth are eradicated.

Clearing our own birth experiences supports us in preparations for conscious family planning and giving birth in a harmonious way. By healing our “birth traumas,” we are able to create our own way of living, loving, and birthing instead of bearing and re-enacting the family karma. Becoming conscious of the energetic connection between prenatal or early childhood experiences and repetitive patterns in our lives is the first step toward making changes within.

The transformation is almost immediately noticable as:

  • Better physical health
  • Changes for the better in relationships
  • Increased self-confidence, determination, and power
  • Dissolution of repetitive situations
  • More success and creativity
  • Conscious awareness

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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