10 Tips for Raising Your Vibration

1. Physical Exercise

Self - Development Training with Breathwork

Experiment and pick a few different types of physical exercise to get your body moving. Incorporate an exercise routine into your daily schedule. The optimum time would be in the mornings, right after you wake up. This will prepare you for the entire day, get your energy moving, your mind settled, and overall keep you healthy and balanced. 20-30 minutes exercise on the daily basis, serves you better than 2 hours of exercise once a week.

Some days you might feel like doing some strong body workouts, on the other day you might prefer to swim, and again on the next day you wish to exert your body in some gentle yoga. The most important thing is to listen to your body and follow its signals. You need to enjoy the exercise. So, when you are pushing yourself into something which does not fit into your rhythm, you do violate your body. Thus, in order to keep a balance between your body and mind, you can combine the exercises and switch in between one another according to your needs.


2. Meditate on a Regular Basis

There are plenty of different types of meditation practices. Experiment with them as well as stick with the one, (with which) you benefit the most from.

You can simply start with observing your breathing patterns. When your mind gets in the way with distracting thoughts, acknowledge those thoughts and guide your attention back to your breathing.

Practising mantra meditation in the beginning of a regular meditation practice is maybe easier for some as other types of meditation practices. Your mind is kept mind busy with the repetition of the mantra and not giving much space for any other thoughts to occur.


3. Nurture Yourself with Healthy and Wholesome Food

Nurture yourself with healthy food. The yogis of ancient times and Ayurveda advise eating freshly cooked food. This creates sattvic energy and purity in the body. Try to avoid overcooked, overheated, over-processed, deep fried food. Listen to your body! The body has its wisdom that can tell us exactly what it needs. You might want to experiment with juices for a day and cutting-out a heavy meal such as bread, pasta, or meat for another day.


4. Drink Lots of Water – Avoid Soft Drinks

Why Drink Water?

Water contains life force and sustains our body. Minimum 75 % of our body’s structure is made up of water.

Water does not only nourishes your body with the essence of life contained in it but also help to flush out the toxins, keeping your energy levels to the optimum.

It is essential to make sure that the quality of the water is the best (good enough), clean, and filtered. You might experiment by adding apple cider vinegar into it or squeeze a lime/lemon to your drinking water to make it especially refreshing during hot summer times.

Always avoid cold water especially with ice. Lukewarm or even warmer water is the best for your health. Soft drinks must be completely avoided and you better stay away from it as much possible. They contain a lot of sugar and the fact is the intake of soft drinks means feeding your body with useless calories.

5. Practice Breathwork


Your own breath is the most powerful healing force in your body.

It is simple, it is free, and it is always available to you. Any pain, discomfort, tension aka low vibrational energy can be healed away by conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing can raise your vibration at any level, whether physical, emotional, mental or the spiritual.

As a Breathwork trainer, I have seen hundreds of cases on my path where the breath have healed chronic ailments, increased hearing capacities, successfully helped in dealing with depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, and even helped to cure sleepwalking.


6. Change your Thoughts – It Will Change Your Life

Your outer world corresponds to your inner world. What happens to you greatly depends on what is happening within you. The problems or challenges you do experience in your life are not coming from any external sources, but are the reflection of your own thoughts. In order to change the outside, you need to change within. You need to consciously choose for yourself what to believe in, what to think about, and align yourself with higher vibrations, such as truth, joy, gratitude, and love.


7. Clearing Out Emotional Energies

Changing your thoughts from the lower to the higher vibration can automatically change your emotional energy and vice versa.

All our experiences leave their emotional imprint on our system. We can hold onto resentment and anger for a lifetime without even noticing it. Emotions do not go away by themselves. You need to do something about them to get it resolved.

Practice forgiveness towards all in your life, including yourself!

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, for your losses, for not being the best version of yourself yet. You must believe that you are already more than good enough rather you are the best!


8. Pick Your Environment and the People in it Wisely

Spend more time with the ones who lift your spirit up and change your relationship towards the one who pulls you down.

Why? It is because your companionship has an active impact on your thoughts, on your emotions, and therefore, on your overall vibration. People with anger, hatred, and criticism will drag you down. On the other hand, those with happy, positive thoughts and energy will help you to stay balanced and support you to evolve.

Take responsibility for yourself, and select your friends carefully!


9. Spend Time Around Nature

Tantra Rebirth - Breathwork Training Sessions

Nature is a great healer on its own. The elements of nature, water, and air, spending time in the woods, sitting next to a fire, cleanses your physical body.

Thermal water or waterfall is a great tool for cleaning up the emotional blockages within your body.

Meditating or just simply relaxing next to the fire, clears your mind.


10. Love Yourself

All of the above categories can fit into this last one. Love yourself for who you are!

Accept yourself, nurture yourself, appreciate yourself, be proud of yourself!

You are unique, you are special!

Create a loving, comfortable home for yourself, nurture your body with healthy food, feed your mind with positive thoughts, and surround yourself with great people. This is already an act of loving yourself!

Sentences like these ones below are a great help on learning about what self-love really means, and how can you become your very best friend.

  • I love myself, therefore…… (Complete the sentence with anything that comes to your mind).
  • Even though…. (Complete the sentence with anything that comes to mind) I love and accept myself!

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