Our Emotional State Connect and Controls Our Breathing

Breath holding – Our Emotional State Connect and Controls Our Breathing

The emotions like anger, pain, frustration, fear, affects our breathing pattern. It is common for the kids as the babies usually breathe naturally or perfectly with no knowledge of interfering with their nature. I mean to say they have not been exposed to the harsh realities of life or have the maturity to understand pain or happiness or any other emotions.

As their life begins to start, they might come across shocks, traumas, fear, and pains, which can bring changes in their flow of the breathing. It is not done on purpose, but their reflexes might cause a child to lose consciousness or stop breathing for up to 1 minute. If a child holds back an emotion or their expression, they do so by holding their breath. And, this is how the habit of “breath-holding” starts from the initial stages of life. It is an unconscious holding of the breath—in order to hold back emotions or expressions.

As the child starts growing, these traumas or fear also keep piling up like a burden. The breath becomes less natural and the tensions restrict it. Fearful or painful emotions, physical or psychological states, resume interfering the natural flow of the breath. Inhibitions and blocks occur in the breathing pattern.

We use breathwork to free ourselves from these unwanted burdens, to release traumas, to heal and recover from early childhood events that inhibit our spirit. Each one of us is powerful enough to create a life of our choice, the one, which we would love to live. The basic and most crucial is to find the right support system and tools that can help us to bring forth from within, most quickly and easily to our highest and the best.

Have you ever observed your pattern of breathing while you are happy and at peace and when you are upset and angry? If you have noticed, you can understand that the breathing pattern is fast when you are tensed, it is choking and you feel like unable to breathe while angry, and the breathing is relaxed while you are at peace. Every state of emotion has its own breathing rhythm and pattern, corresponding or associated with each other. Happy is compared to the sad state of emotion, fear compared to calm, anger compared to pleased. And, surprisingly, you the can change your emotional state by changing your breathing pattern, as the breathing changes your emotional state.

It is very important to work on removing anger, hatred, bitterness, sorrow, fear, greed, hatred, depression, guilt, and other harmful or pain induced emotions completely. In order to eliminate it, Breathwork practice is the best way. Equal count of exhalation and inhalation can help you get into a state of calm and make every effort for balance.

Your conscious and deep breathing can promptly transform your consciousness. You can release the breath holding and let go of the pressure, tension, or anxiety in your mind and body with the right count of exhalation. When you shift your consciousness to your breathing pattern, it helps to calm your mind and get an immediate reprieve from your botherations.

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