Do You Want to Become the Master of Your Life?

It is well known that emotions and thoughts have a direct impact on one’s physical well-being. Moreover, it is recognized that we create our own world in each moment with our thoughts and emotions. In other words, with our vibration, we create our own reality, events, and circumstances. Our emotions, habits, features, and self-concepts are held in our subconscious. Physical functions such as the heartbeat, breathing, blood circulation, etc. are also under the command of the subconscious mind. Based on the discovery of psychoneurology, we understand that every emotion, thought, and belief has neurochemical consequences. Our thoughts, words, emotions, and physical body are interconnected and interrelated with each other. A thought in the form of an electromagnetic brainwave sends a signal through the central nervous system to the body and, in turn, the physical body acts upon the habitual emotional state. In order to take conscious control over our lives and change our reactions to the environment, we need to change the signals sent to the body. In other words, we need to take control over our thoughts and, if necessary, change certain belief systems in order to change our lives for the better. According to estimates, the subconscious is 88 percent of the whole mind. We also know that thoughts or belief systems function differently within the conscious and subconscious minds; in the subconscious mind, they have a stronger impact on our reality, in effect acting more as commands that influence us directly. Reading the above, the following questions are raised: • Which of our thoughts do we need to change in order to change our lives? • How can we change those thoughts? One of the fundamental elements of the Rebirthing system is spiritual psychology, which gives us the foundation and tools: • To discover our limiting thoughts or belief systems • To transform them • To create new, positive belief systems. Changing a belief system has an impact throughout all aspects of our life. We are here referring to thought structures rather than single and isolated thoughts. This means that once we change a single element of a particular structure we create an effect on the whole. Let’s examine the following simple example: Someone feels the need and motivation to move forward in his or her career. On the conscious level he would like to apply for a dream position. According to the information stored at the subconscious level, his self-concept does not match up with the job requirements – the professional qualities of a person who, in his opinion, would be the perfect person for that job. He might think about himself that he is not good enough for the position or that he lacks the right experience or education. He might feel anxious about submitting the application and postpone it from one day to the next, or he may have a fear of being rejected. Maybe he will finally apply for the job and get it, but would underperform due to his lack of self-confidence. The above is an example of a possible action-reaction of playing out the information, feelings, and thoughts imprinted into the subconscious mind. As we are all different, everyone’s reaction is different. The great news is that there are tools available to reprogram the subconscious. Once we reprogram our thoughts and belief systems, we are able to create new behavioral patterns and let go of those which do not serve us anymore. Two questions at this juncture are: • Which of our thoughts do we need to transform in order to positively affect our lives? • How can we make the transformation? The spiritual psychology at the core of the Rebirthing system gives us the foundation and necessary tools for this kind of mental work: • Revealing limiting thought patterns • Providing the tools necessary to transform them • Imprinting new, positive thoughts and creating new, high-potential belief systems. Since we are talking here about systems, not single thoughts, once we change a thought pattern we change the whole belief system. This also means that the transformation takes place in a short period of time and affects us at all the various levels of our life. This useful technique elevates the consciousness, with the result that relationships are changed for the better and we establish better health and accrue more wealth. The changes happen quickly!

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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